Pakistan’s first Fashion Museum is in the works!

KARACHI: What happens when three of the biggest names in the fashion industry come join hands for one cause? Something big and exciting, that’s for sure! Nabila Maqsood, Frieha Altaf and Fifi Haroon have come together to announce their joint venture called The Pakistan Fashion Museum, the first of its kind in Pakistan which will also include The Muse Gala and exhibition.

In their announcement video, the three pioneers of the Pakistan fashion industry explained, “For over three decades, we have dedicated our lives to Pakistani fashion nationally and internationally.” However, they are all in agreement that, “Pakistani fashion has stagnated,” or as Nabila jokingly says, it’s beyond the point death now. And so the three women have decided to take action and “wake up the dead.” How do they plan to revolutionize the Pakistan fashion industry, one might ask?

As per the announcement, they are “Throwing two lifelines to Pakistani fashion. We want to create, innovate and excite. We want to bring the first fashion gala to Pakistan where our best designers will collaborate with muses and celebrities and create a space for unmitigated, unfettered fashion fantasies.” They explained they want to introduce Pakistan fashion to the world “by introducing the first fashion museum in a Pakistani city, in a UNESCO World Heritage site.”

Each of the women will offer what they do best to the Fashion Museum. Nabila will serve as the stylist, Frieha Altaf will handle the events/PR while Fifi Haroon will be in charge of the editorial. With artists from Pakistan making a name for themselves on the global stage it makes sense that the fashion industry should not be left behind! It will be exciting to see what the three powerhouses will bring in the name of fashion!

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