Palmeiras will try to turn the same as São Paulo. One year ago, there was no trip – 04/02/2023

Água Santa beat Palmeiras because it was tactically very cohesive.

He didn’t play with a line of five and kept the tactical system of the campaign that took him to the decision.

He formed two lines of four men, which diminished the importance of Abel Ferreira’s attempt to widen the field, which is why he opted for Breno Lopes. He changed the option in the second half, put Rony on the left and was rewarded with Endrick’s third goal as a professional – his first this year.

He was lucky not to concede the second goal earlier, for example when Bruno Xavier fired into Wéverton’s left post.

The sequence of errors had Gustavo Gómez losing the dispute high, in the first goal by Bruno Mezenga. There was Zé Rafael losing the ball in the attack and opening a counterattack that resulted in the corner kick and the first goal. Marcos Rocha misses the ball, in the winning goal for the team from Diadema.

The story is very similar to that of 2022, when Palmeiras arrived undefeated against São Paulo, abused the mistakes, took 3 x 1 at Morumbi and ran the risk of losing the title. They didn’t lose because of a gala performance, thrashed by 4 x 0, the first two goals in 28 minutes, the third in the second minute of the second stage.

The big difference is that, a year ago, Libertadores only started after the second final.

A year ago, the distance from the first to the second game was just three days, but resting in São Paulo.

This time, the trip to Bolivia will get in the way.

Água Santa can be champion of São Paulo.

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