Palmeiras wins less than expected

The Palmeiras supporter went to Casa Verde to see Derbi certain that he would see an Alviverde rout.

Even more so because Abel Ferreira had Raphael Veiga and Roni back.

The Corinthian fan sat in front of the TV certain that he would see an alviverde rout.

But Danilo put youngsters on the sides and in the heart of the defense to avoid it, with Du Queiroz, Murillo and Matheus Bidu, in addition, in midfield, Fausto Vera, Roni and even Romero to defend.

In defense, as a veteran, only Gil.

The alvinegra lineup revealed only one intention: damage containment.

It took just 15 minutes for another Murilo, from Verdão, to take a corner kick on the right, taken by Veiga, and open the scoring: 1-0.

As expected, a one-team game.

Zidanilo, poor guy, soaked his beard in an interim that no one deserves, but much better to see him on the bench than his predecessor.

Everything indicated that the terrible alvinegra board was saving the official announcement of the hiring of Roger Machado for the end of the defeat.

Naturally, at 35 minutes, Veiga doubled up by completing a beautiful counterattack by Roni, for Arthur, from him to Dudu and finally for Veiga to hit, Roni cut, and Veiga himself took the rebound to make it 2-0.

Immediately Vera left and Maycon entered to try to avoid the catastrophe.

Palmeiras extended the advantage in the Derby to five classics, 134 to 129.

In the Brasileirão, it increased to four: 22 to 18.

For relief in Parque São Jorge, the first half ended with only 2 to 0. Does two turn into four?

Romero didn’t even come back for the second half, not least because he didn’t appear in the first and he. Giuliano came in for him.

Damage containment could also be called trial and error.

Palmeiras didn’t move and why would it?

The green and white colors caused indigestion in Corinthians after the defeat by Goiás and of the 11 alvinegros on the field, five came from the base: Du Queiroz, Murillo, Roni, Maycon and Adson.

Luckily for Corinthians, Palmeiras is so satiated by victories that they don’t make a point of humiliating anyone, no matter how much their fans expected the rout.

With which the second half ran so monotonously that Alvinegro ventured.

Then Abel Ferreira put John John and Rafael Navarro in the places of the returning Veiga and Rony, at 19.

In the next minute, Navarro headed in Cássio’s crossbar, because he is thirsty.

Paulinho and Giovane, another from the base, in the places of Yuri Alberto and Adson to hold the worthy defeat.

Mayke left the field for Garcia to play.

And isn’t it that, at 30, Roger Guedes took a close corner on the left and Piquerez deflected against his goal? 2 to 1.

Poked the pig with a short stick?

Then Cássio made a great save to prevent Jhon Jhon from scoring the third goal.

But the game changed and, at 38, Paulinho was able to tie, but kicked the tie over.

The Palmeirense was already suffering as he did not expect.

Richard Rios and Giovani on one side, and Fagner, on the other, entered at 40, in front of more than 41,000 fans, to play the last minutes. With 7 additions.

There was drama, believe me.

In summary: Palmeiras continues with credit in terms of victories and in debt in terms of good football.

Today it was to score and, in a way, played to resurrect the rival.

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