Pamela Anderson’s Special Barbie Doll Foreshadowed Her Baywatch Future

Pamela Anderson’s Barbie connections expand to the world of music. According to a 2022 interview about the iconic hit, the song “Barbie Girl” was partially inspired by the “Baywatch” actor. In addition to cheeky, raunchy lyrics, the overarching message of the song was about self-confidence and not feeling pressured to get plastic surgery to fit society’s mold of attractiveness.

“It’s tongue in cheek,” Lene Nystrøm, a member of Aqua and one of the lead vocalists on “Barbie Girl,” told Rolling Stone. “It’s pop music. If you want to see the layers to it, there’s all the layers you want. But we kind of took the piss out of the Pamela Anderson ‘Baywatch’ perfect picture with silicon boobs. We wanted to take the piss out of that kind of perfect girl. That was the main thing we discussed. We didn’t say it very often, but that was the main thing behind it.”

Post source: The List

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