Paul Bird Died, What Happened to Paul Bird? Who Was Paul Bird? How Did Paul Bird Die? Paul Bird Cause of Death

Paul Bird Died, How Did Paul Bird Die?

Paul Bird, the 56-year-old Team Owner of Paul Bird Motorsport (PBM), a prominent figure in the British Superbike Championship, passed away on September 1st, Friday. The announcement of his sudden and tragic passing has left the motorsport community in deep sorrow. Paul Bird was not only known for his team’s success in the championship but was also a respected figure in the racing world.

The official statement released on behalf of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship expressed the profound sadness felt within the racing community. It conveyed the news of Paul Bird’s passing, highlighting his significant role as the owner of PBM, one of the series’ most successful teams. His untimely death followed a brief period of illness, during which he spent time in the hospital.

The statement also emphasized the family’s request for privacy during this difficult time. Paul Bird’s legacy in the world of motorsport and his contributions to the British Superbike Championship will be remembered and celebrated by fans and fellow racers alike. His passing is a loss to the racing community, and he will be greatly missed.

Who was Paul Bird?

Paul Bird was a notable figure in the realm of British motorcycle road racing, car racing, and rallying. As the owner of Paul Bird Motorsport (PBM), he played a pivotal role in various motorsport disciplines, leaving his mark on the racing community. Bird’s journey in motorsport was multifaceted. He began his career as a rally driver, showcasing his skills in this demanding motorsport discipline.

In addition to rallying, he also ventured into solo motocross racing, demonstrating his versatility as a racer. His involvement in motorsport extended to his family, as his son Frank Bird followed in his footsteps. Frank pursued a career in car racing, displaying a passion for the sport that ran in the family. However, Paul Bird’s career was not without its challenges. In December 2015, he faced a setback when he received a ban from organized sport competitions until July 2017.

This ban, administered by the UK Anti-Doping agency (UKAD), came as a result of failing a standard test for banned substances. Paul Bird had tested positive for cocaine after participating in a car rally event in July 2015.  Unfortunately, another ban followed in 2019, when UKAD imposed an eight-year ban on Paul Bird. This second ban was a result of his refusal to undergo a drugs test following a Welsh rally event in April 2018. The ban was set to run from July 11, 2018, until 2026.

Despite these challenges, Paul Bird remained deeply connected to the world of motorsport. His son Frank Bird continued to uphold the family’s racing legacy, participating in various racing events and showcasing his talent. Tragically, Paul Bird’s journey in motorsport and life came to an end on September 1, 2023, following a brief illness. He passed away at the age of 56, leaving behind a legacy of racing achievements and contributions to the motorsport community. His presence in the world of motorsport will be remembered and cherished by all who knew him.


What Happened to Paul Bird? 

Paul Bird, the owner of Paul Bird Motorsport (PBM), which competes in motorcycle road racing, car racing, and rallying, has tragically passed away at the age of 56. He died following a brief illness, as reported by a statement on behalf of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship’s most successful team.

Bird was a former rally driver and motocross solo-rider, and his son, Frank, pursued a career in car racing. Bird’s legacy in motorsport will be remembered by many despite the untimely loss.

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