Pedro Pascal’s “Sl-ty Little Knee” left fans hot and bothered

Pedro Pascal, or Internet’s “Daddy,” made a pretty impressive showing on the red carpet at the 2023 Met Gala. While plenty of celebrities came out with their kind of shock value, like Lil Nas X, who showed off a bare bottom with only body paint, and Doja Cat and Jared Leto, who decided to bring Choupette to life, all Pascal did was a “little.” Knee”. ” Fans are a puddle of hot and bothered goo, and Pedro Pascal is a fresh set of memes now. Come on, laugh…

Pedro Pascal rocked a Red Hot Valentino Short Suit

Pedro Pascal in Valentino at the 2023 Met Gala
Instagram | Maison Valentino

Honestly, we doubt any other man could have pulled off this look as well. Technically, not believing fashion magazines and their “rules” is “wrong” on so many levels. The red shirt, red coat, black and red combo, tie with shorts, and high-heeled patent leather boots are often fashion no-nos. But somehow Pascal got everything working.

Pascal’s Valentino outfit consisted of an oversized red double wool coat with a scarf and an oversized red poplin shirt worn over black wool shorts. It also sported a black silk tie with a gold metal V, paired with black socks and black patent heeled combat boots.

The ‘The Last of Us’ star accessorized his look with multiple gold rings that complemented his slicked back hair, scruffy, unshaven look and signature naughty grin.

Somehow Pascal made this look work for him, even though the theme of the Met Gala was “Honoring Karl,” as in fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld. The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute curator, Andrew Bolton, said he hopes the celebrity guests will “celebrate the spirit of Karl, and hopefully everyone will come out in vintage Chanel, vintage Fendi, vintage Chloé.”

Pascal didn’t do that!

There are many Twitter memes about Pascal’s “Sl–ty Little Knee”.

Pedro Pascal debuts on his knees at the Met Gala
Instagram | Pedro Pascal

Pascal is absolutely adventurous with this IDGAF look, and while he’s been in the industry for a long time, it’s only recently that he’s been a hot hit as an internet daddy.

Here’s what you missed!

But now it’s about dad’s “little knee”. Given that Pascal rocked the Valentino look as cool as he wears his t-shirt and jeans with ultimate confidence and a megawatt smile, it’s no wonder Twitter is hot about Pascal. Once again!

Get ready!

Fan reactions to the outfit are ubiquitous

Pedro Pascal reigns over Twitter again
Instagram | Pedro Pascal

Predictably, fans love it. Aside from the reference to his knee, they loved his mob meets rock star look and left several comments to celebrate their “daddy”!

“Gosh, I forgot how to breathe”

“But the shorts are. I love our queer stylish daddy.”

“He ate harder than a lot of people, let’s face it.”

“The hottest daddy in the galaxy!!”

“Let me finish! Little Red Riding Hood with guns, cocaine, maybe some dead hookers and we’ll bring Pablo back.”

Not everyone was a fan of the look; Many thought the shorts were underfill.

“Nice knees! But that stylist’s fire…”

“Everything but the shorts 😭”

“Why does everyone think omg he looks so good… are we seeing the same thing?”

“OK look I love Pedro 😭🥰🥰🥰 don’t get me wrong. I love him so much but I need to speak to whoever styled him because it sucks. There could have been a million other looks that would have boiled down to his stylist’s theme.”

For some other fans, the hatred came from completely different reasons!

“It looks so Nazi… I lost my sexual urges straight away and became a nun! Please go back to a hot man again!”

“Why does the fashion world need to feminize men?”

He is NOT feminine!

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