Peer-to-peer lending transforms lives, Florida’s first hurricane-proof town, preventing gun violence with basketball

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re exploring an innovative approach to finance changing lives in rural India, the first Floridian town built to withstand hurricanes, and Philadelphia’s unusual new method of tackling gun violence.

Peer-to-peer lending transforms lives in rural India with human-centric approach

In regions where access to traditional financial institutions remains limited or inaccessible to most, peer-to-peer lending is emerging as a powerful tool for breaking free from years of debt.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Babcock Ranch: Florida’s first hurricane-proof community

The new-build town faced its inaugural trial when Hurricane Ian swept through the area. Remarkably, the community emerged from the tempest with minimal damage.

Source: BBC News

European Parliament approves ambitious renewable energy expansion

European Union legislators have endorsed ambitious plans to significantly increase the share of renewable energy in the 27-member bloc, setting a goal of at least 42.5% by 2030, ultimately aiming for 45%.

Source: UPI

Enhancing rural mobility in Virginia: the impact of microtransit

In 2021, two transit agencies in Virginia introduced on-demand microtransit services – leading to a doubling of ridership and improved accessibility in rural areas.

Source: Next City

Innovative water purification solutions are addressing Nigeria’s water crisis

With only 10% of Nigeria’s population having access to essential water and sanitation services, the Filter X360 is a groundbreaking device harnessing the power of gravity to purify water without the need for electricity or chemicals.

Source: Prime Progress

Embracing electric living in Portland

Portland residents are unravelling the mysteries of decarbonising their homes, thanks to local activist groups helping communities make sense of red tape.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Public health improves after shutdown of Pittsburgh coal processing plant

Following the closure of the plant, ACCAN – an environmental advocacy group – took the initiative to conduct retrospective health studies, with research revealing a 41.6% decrease in uncontrolled pediatric asthma cases within two years after the closure.

Source: Yes! Magazine

The mastermind ecologist eliminating invasive predators

Honed in New Zealand and exported globally, Elizabeth Bell’s techniques for creating predator-free zones are allowing native species to thrive again on islands from the Caribbean to the UK.

Source: The Guardian

Germany’s Roncalli circus replaces live animal performances with holograms

Germany’s Roncalli circus is eliminating the use of live animals in its acts and replacing them with captivating holographic displays. This innovative approach offers all the excitement of a classic circus without the ethical concerns associated with live animal performances.

Source: Euronews

Safety through basketball: Philly’s new approach to combat gun violence

In her captivating documentary titled “Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia,” filmmaker Kyra Knox explores the inventive initiatives within Philadelphia communities that are tackling the issue of gun violence head-on.

Source: Yes! Magazine

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