Perplexity Ask | AI search engine launches iOS app

Perplexity Ask, a search engine that uses artificial intelligence, received a dedicated application for iOS that performs the same functions as the web version on the iPhone

8 Apr
– 23:00

(updated 4/9/2023 at 4:24 am)

Perplexity Ask has received an iOS-exclusive app that promises to offer the same ChatGPT experience to iPhone users. The tool already had a web version very similar to the competitor, but there was no dedicated app.

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Perplexity’s footprint is more geared towards a search engine than a chatbot, although it is also capable of generating conversations. The focus is on delivering correct and complete answers, rather than showing a listing from sites like Google and Bing.

The application works just like the browser: you type what you need, the engine connects to Bing, finds the correct content and writes a humanized response. It is possible to see the sources of information with the appropriate links consulted, in case there is any doubt.

The service uses GPT-3.5 technology, the same as the original ChatGPT, and always scans for the latest information. According to the developers, this last differential makes the platform present more accurate results than rivals.

App is expansion of Perplexity

The launch of the application was only possible thanks to the contribution received of US$ 25 million (about R$ 126 million) from specialized companies and angel investors. This amount is to be used to expand the offering, expand the infrastructure and develop end-to-end market-driven solutions.

The software’s home screen will display the most popular searches at the moment and your search history. As there is no geolocation, the main topics are in English, but the search engine is able to produce the answers in Portuguese.

Another advantage of Perplexity Ask is the use of voice search, thanks to the built-in microphone of cell phones. This differential can make Perplexity a better voice assistant than Siri for answering questions or producing simple content.

How to download Perplexity Ask?

The AI ​​search engine had already released a shortcut for Mac and now offers its free app for iOS. If you want to try it out, just download it directly from the App Store.

As there is no ChatGPT program for iPhone, Perplexity can be an interesting solution. In the future, if a widget arrives for the home screen, the tool could gain even more strength on iOS.

If you prefer, you can download the Edge browser and use the built-in Bing Chat technology. Yesterday (6), Microsoft’s AI gained a shortcut on the SwiftKey keyboard, but there is no longer support for the iPhone since September 2022. Or, as a last resort, you can just access the favorite chatbot through Safari normally. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

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