Perry Mason’s Matthew Rhys had some reservations about returning for Season 2

Season 1 may have provided all the important building blocks to get fans to a place where they would re-imagine Perry Mason as a character, but Matthew Rhys didn’t seem to have it as a very compelling starting point for Season 2.” I was very relieved that they had a very interesting angle,” said Rhys. “We saw Mason at the end of season one, very successful and happy with himself, with the new suit and his name on the door, and I didn’t want to go on from there.”

However, the writers were able to find a new conflict that led Rhys to return to Perry Mason. “They said, ‘What if Mason has a crisis of faith and he’s dealing with impostor syndrome?'” the actor recalled. “I thought this would be a great place to start.”

“When they released ‘Perry Mason’ as a limited series, it was like lightning in a bottle and you throw all the grenades and get out,” Rhys explained. While the performer was obviously eager to leave while the audience was still applauding the project, he said he has a special place in his heart for this new version of the character. “Several things happened with Mason, however, and I fell in love with the role,” Rhys admitted. “I loved the person we created and when you set something up that well it opens up possibilities.”

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