Phelipe Siani declares himself to his ex-wife, Mari Palma: ‘I love you’

Mari Palma replied to the journalist’s message

Mari Palma is completing 34 years of life this Wednesday, the 29th. After receiving tributes from friends and fans, she won a statement beyond her ex-husband’s love, Phelipe Siani.

Mari Palma and Phelipe Siani.

Mari Palma and Phelipe Siani.

Photo: Caio Lanziani / Márcia Piovesan

They split in February this year, nearly six months after they got married.

Phelipe Siani makes an emotional tribute to Mari Palma

On Instagram, the journalist shared a click next to his ex, saying he loves her:

“Together or apart, you continue to be my inspiration as a human being. I love you. Congratulations, Mari Palma, may your 34 years bring you only love!”he wrote in the post.

Mari Palma then replied:

“What a partnership of ours! I love you”.

Mari and Phelipe will present a program together again, the popversewhich will win a new season on CNN Brasil on April 15th.


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