Pink Moon 2023, Know its Meaning, Date, and Astrology

Pink Moon 2023

On Thursday, April 6, 2023, the Pink Moon, the full moon of April, will illuminate the night sky. NASA reports that the moon will reach its peak illumination at 12:35 am ET and will be visible in its entirety from Thursday evening to Friday morning. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this spectacular lunar event.  Although it is called the Pink Moon, the moon will not actually appear pink. Instead, it symbolizes the arrival of spring. The Pink Moon is also referred to as the Breaking Ice Moon and the Moon When the Streams Are Again Navigable, indicating the melting of ice and the ease of water navigation. Coastal tribes also call it the Fish Moon, as the American shad migrates upstream for breeding. The Pink Moon of this year coincides with the beginning of spring and is the first full moon of the season. It is also referred to as the Paschal Full Moon or the Passover Moon as it occurs close to the Jewish holiday of Passover. This is significant because it sets the date for Easter, which is celebrated on the first Sunday after the Paschal Moon or the first full moon following the spring equinox.

When Will the Pink Moon Appear 2023?

This full moon is traditionally known as the Pink Moon and is also the Paschal Full Moon for this year. Step outside on the evening of Wednesday, April 5, to witness the full Pink Moon of April. Although the full moon will reach peak illumination at 12:37 A.M. Eastern Time on Thursday, April 6, it will be at its fullest on the night of April 5 in time zones further west. To catch the most magnificent view of this beautiful spring moon, locate an unobstructed area and observe as it ascends just above the horizon. During this time, it will appear at its largest and have a golden glow. In the Sky provides precise timings for observing the full moon. It will rise on Wednesday at 19:01 EDT (2301 GMT) and achieve its peak at 00:34 EDT (0434 GMT) before setting on Thursday at 06:49 EDT (1049 GMT). In case of cloudy weather, you can view the Full Pink Moon of April 2023. 

Is the Pink Moon Actually Pink?

Skywatchers eagerly anticipating the Pink Moon should not expect a literal pink-colored full moon. The Pink Moon’s name is derived from the pink wildflower, Phlox subulata, which blooms during springtime and is commonly known as “moss pink.” Native American culture associates the April full moon with this seasonal occurrence, and various tribes have different names for it, such as the Tlingit and Oglala people’s “Budding Moon of Plants and Shrubs” and the Algonquin people’s “Breaking Ice Moon.” If you plan to observe the Pink Moon, the best telescopes and binoculars and astrophotography equipment can help you capture the beauty of the night sky. Gorgeous tones of cream, pale pink, and vibrant pink can be seen during this period. 

Pink Moon 2023 Meaning

Named after the pink phlox wildflowers that typically blossom in North America in April, this moon will be bright and full on both Wednesday and Friday. Every month, the full moon signals the end of a six-month cycle and an opportunity for reflection on what has been accomplished. The full moon’s introspective and reflective nature often leads to memories resurfacing and heightened emotions. Unlike the new moon, which marks the beginning of a new cycle, the full moon serves as a checkpoint for evaluating what to let go of or focus on. It is important to set intentions during the new moon and honor what has manifested during the full moon. The full moon also holds spiritual significance in astrology. The April full moon, known as the Pink Moon, is associated with the blooming of the pink moss phlox wildflower in eastern North America, marking the arrival of spring. Despite its name, the Pink Moon does not actually appear pink in the night sky.

Full Moon April 2023 Astrology

Obtain insights from your horoscope by considering your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Check your Sun sign for guidance on the person you are becoming, your Rising sign for reflection on your current state, and your Moon sign for advice on nurturing your inner child.


Aries, your lively personality is a pleasure to be around, and you deserve to be treated with exclusivity. Just like physical spaces and concepts, you have the right to limit access to yourself. While it can be challenging to be in the spotlight and feel lonely at times, making yourself too available may hinder others from appreciating your worth in the real world.


Dear Taurus, it can be difficult to break old habits when you ignore your inner wisdom. Intuition is not something that sticks around for long; it’s usually a brief thought that doesn’t stick around for long. However, it’s important to pay attention to it when it does arise, or else you may have to learn the hard way.


Gemini, distinguishing between an acquaintance, a friend, and a bestie can be challenging in the current U.S. culture where these words are often used interchangeably. The key is to discern the intention from the actuality of the relationship. Although someone may enjoy spending time with you and admire you, it’s important to consider if the feeling is mutual and if you share a deeper level of appreciation for each other.


Cancer, the negative lessons you learned from your caregiver may have a lasting impact on your confidence and ability to form healthy relationships. It is important to take the time to reflect on how limits, boundaries, and expectations were instilled in you. As the Moon is illuminated by the Sun in the sky, try to replace unfair lessons with fair and reasonable expectations.


Leo, you have the ability to overcome most obstacles except for those that exist only in your mind. It is curious how people can deceive themselves. Even when you are fully aware of the truth, you may still come up with justifications for dishonesty, withholding information, and deceit. Consider the impact of choosing to prioritize harmony in your life. How could this shift benefit you?


Virgo, breakups are never easy, but it’s important to remember that if a relationship was meant to be, it would last. Often, we tend to stay in situations that no longer serve us, be it a dead-end job or an unhealthy friendship or relationship. I challenge you to align your goals with your ideal lifestyle, so you can live your truth and attract the right people into your life. Embrace the unknown and trust that the universe will bring you what you need.


Libra, taking ownership of your mistakes and acknowledging your friends’ advice is a crucial step towards self-love. It’s common to resist the idea that you could be your own worst enemy, but research shows that our brains are wired to prioritize our health and well-being. The challenge arises when we become entrenched in unhealthy patterns. Sometimes what we think is valuable turns out to be fake, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something better out there. Your friends can guide you towards a more authentic path.


Scorpio, if this horoscope could be summed up in the phrase “you already know,” would you understand its message? No matter how many self-help trends you try, they will all lead you back to the same underlying issue: until you’re willing to confront your weaknesses and show yourself compassion, you can’t make real progress. Sometimes, taking a break and slowing down is the first step toward growth. 


Sagittarius, you can make your dreams come true by relinquishing the urge to dictate how the future unfolds. Attempting to manipulate the unknown is a form of self-sabotage, so focus on the present and what is within your control. Instead of obsessing over the future, concentrate on the here and now.


Capricorn, your mind is undergoing a revolution that is bringing new perspectives on respect. Your values determine what you respect and consider worthy. Instead of labeling who you value, focus on understanding what, why, and how you value things. Trust your subconscious to guide you through this period of redefining your values, even if it feels uncertain at times.


Aquarius, it’s important to be open to the possibility of being wrong. While you may have valuable insights to share with your community, it’s important to first acknowledge and correct any mistakes you may have made. Remember, true strength often comes from vulnerability. So, are you ready to take a critical look at yourself and make any necessary improvements?


Pisces, you have a knack for recognizing authenticity. Don’t swim away from something good that’s within reaching. Take a chance and move towards it. You may find that the experience is enjoyable beyond your expectations. You don’t always have to understand everything to enjoy it. Have faith that you’ll know when it’s time to move on from something that no longer serves you. 

Astrology for the Full Moon in Libra

The upcoming Full Moon in Libra on April 6, 2023, presents an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone. As per Western astrology, these Full Moon guides serve as monthly reminders to set and reassess your intentions. Your horoscope serves as a cue for introspection. At 12:34 AM Eastern Time on April 6, 2023, the Full Moon in Libra will oppose the Sun in Aries, and it may encourage you to cling to the sentimental aspects of your past through avoidance, excuses, or other means. Remember that everyone makes mistakes, and even if you don’t feel like an adult, you can still act like one. I challenge you to stop avoiding your uncomfortable feelings and allow yourself to feel a bit uncomfortable. This is the way to determine which parts of your life need to be let go. Take care. 

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