Piqué has a new bust with Clara Chía and the web does not forgive when resurrecting Shakira’s ghost: ‘Big favor’. Understand!

Since the world discovered that Piqué cheated on Shakira with Clara Chía, the Barcelona player has not had peace and will not have it anytime soon. Understand why.

Shakira will be a thorn in Piqué and Clara's side for a long time to come.

Shakira will be a thorn in Piqué and Clara’s side for a long time to come.

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Since they were officially seen together at an event in Spain, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía are no longer hiding. But the more they appear in public, the more the couple conjures up the ghost of Shakira, the Barcelona defender’s ex who would be interested in an NBA star.

An Instagram profile published a video showing Piqué and Clara – ‘disaffection’ of her own and current mother-in-law – passing through the streets and, despite being a fan club for Chía, the comments only gave Shakira. People said:

“You can see that they do not know how to appreciate true beauty, that girl or boy has nothing feminine, her pants are horrible, she has no hips, her legs are arched like a man, she is totally masculine”, commented a follower. “El Don [referência a Dom Juan] goes unnoticed if he was with Shakira, they wouldn’t even let him walk”, scored another.

“Where do you see them happy? She doesn’t let herself be touched,” noted one Instagram user. “This woman did a huge favor for the Colombian [Shakira] took away what overshadowed her, now her time has come”, pinned a third. “If it were with Shakira, they wouldn’t even let her walk around hugging her and asking for autographs because of how famous she is”, opined an internet user.

“Shakira doesn’t even care about that, they have to pay to pretend, let them do what they want. After all, Shakira is happy and free”, a fan defended the singer.


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