Planalto falls head over heels in the CPI of the coup – 04/19/2023

The unimaginable happened: like a slingshot, the Lula government achieved the feat of becoming a windowpane in the case of January 8th. Planalto fell head over heels at the center of a CPI of the Coup plotted by Bolsonaristas who should fear investigations. The paradox is due to the release of a video showing General Gonçalves Dias, responsible for the security of the Presidency, circulating among the invaders of the seat of government.

Instead of putting the coup vandals under arrest, Gonçalves Dias, an old friend of Lula, opened doors and indicated exit routes, via the stairs, on the floor of the presidential office. Lula saw himself compelled to do under pressure what he failed to do by choice. With 101 days of delay, he pushed the general who had placed him at the head of the GSI, Institutional Security Office, out of the Planalto through the fire door.

The CPI that the government was trying to avoid became unavoidable. Lula had the opportunity to endorse a parliamentary investigation conducted by his supporters in the Senate. He preferred to halt the initiative. Now, he will have to hastily equip himself to deal with a mixed CPI proposed by Bolsonarist deputy André Fernandes. This parliamentarian is one of those investigated in the Federal Supreme Court inquiry into the Capitol in Brasilia. He is accused of encouraging the invasion and depredation of the headquarters of the Three Powers.

In the footsteps of the 8th of January, Lula had declared that the doors of the Planalto were open to invaders. Now, it turns out that the president himself offered material for the opposition to invade his government, exploiting the lie according to which the coup attempt was the work of PT members in green and yellow uniforms to frame Bolsonaro.

In politics, all evil begins with explanations. Everything that needs to be explained is not good. A prediction made more than three months ago by senator Renan Calheiros, an ally of the government, proved to be premonitory. in terms of CPI, as in football, “who doesn’t do it, wins.”

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