Pocket forests in Paris, Niger halves blood-loss deaths at clinics, red squirrels on the rise in Scotland

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, French volunteers are planting mini-forests in Paris, a new approach in Niger addresses leading cause of maternal death, and red squirrels are making a comeback in Scotland.

Volunteers plan mini-forests in a bid to slow climate change

Volunteers in Paris adopt a pioneering Japanese tree-planting approach to address climate change and heatwaves. Biodiversity also sits at the heart of their mission.

Source: France24

How Niger halved postpartum haemorrhage fatalities at clinics

Severe bleeding after childbirth accounts for at least 25% of maternal mortality in developing countries. Researchers are counting on a three-step approach to prevent further deaths.

Source: BBC

How citizen participation helped increase red squirrel population

In Scotland, locals were instrumental in conservation efforts that saw a rise in red squirrel population.

Source: BBC

LTNs appear not to push traffic on to boundary roads, London study finds

The number of motor vehicles in 46 low-traffic neighborhoods studied also decreased significantly.

Source: The Guardian

To address animal suffering, Netherlands to ban flat-faced dogs

Flat-faced dog breeds have a higher risk of developing a range of health issues, according to a research from the Royal Veterinary College.

Source: NL Times

Disease researchers adapt tech used in Avatar movies

Motion capture technology is being used by experts to detect conditions that affect movement. Two studies have found that it can both speed up and cut the cost of clinical trials.

Source: BBC

Four tips for spotting greenwashing

In a world where misleading sustainable claims are many and varied, it is crucial to know which goods are truly eco-friendly. EU regulators identified words and product slogans that may not be as promising as they sound.

Source: Bloomberg

Sufficiency, efficiency, and renewables in the form of a mass timber building

The Black and White Building in London has embraced the ‘architecture of sufficiency’ in a new approach to workplace design.

Source: Treehugger

Re-Entry 2.0 assists previously incarcerated individuals

It can be daunting for returning citizens to find resources and keep up with technology. This is where a network of people once affected by the justice system comes in.

Source: Next City

Super sniffer dogs help save Italy’s vulnerable olive trees

For a decade now, Southern Italy’s olive trees have been plagued by a type of bacterium that is notoriously difficult to spot. Now an elite sniffer squad is called in, as the remaining crops are at risk.

Source: BBC

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