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Marlene Knobloch

Of course, one of the blunders of 2023 is that the film “The Banshees of Inisherin” didn’t win a single Oscar. Its ingeniously concise plot: One man no longer talks to the other. Actually best friends until yesterday. Instead, one wants to use the time left to him more sensibly, to compose, to be creative. What no longer fits into this life plan: “aimless chatting”, talking around aimlessly. His friend (Colin Farrell) then looks like a Labrador who has had his paw kicked with a steel toe shoe and says: “I didn’t say aimless chatting. I said good, normal chatting.” Not aimless chatter, but good, normal chatting. A front that can be transferred to scale in the German podcast landscape: where does the senseless babble that only brings you closer to death end while listening to the breakfast reports of a thirty-something? And where does the good, normal conversation begin?

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