Points in the victory in Unna will probably go away again

Martin Schmelzer
SuS coach Martin Schmelzer could lose important points with his team. © Ray Heese

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Auweia SuS Kaiserau II. The football A district league team could have struck the final blow in the early game at Rot-Weiss Unna. In the end, the reserve of the state league team supposedly went knockout themselves despite a win

District league A2 Unna-Hamm

RW Unna − SuS Kaiserau II

3:4 (1:3)

The reason for this was the use of a player from the A youth who had previously been used in the first of the SuS Kaiserau. His name: Nico Stender.

The last time that happened was on April 30, 2023 in the 2-2 draw in Horsthausen, when Stender came on for Dylan Pires in the 65th minute. And that could be the SuS’s undoing.

Because: Stender was a player in the first team. And whoever that is on May 1st is fixed and, according to the statutes of the association, is not allowed to change teams down after that.

Although Stender is a highly rated A-Junior, this rule also applies to them. He would not have been eligible to play for the game in Unna.

The match could therefore be scored in favor of the red-whites at the green table, who actually would have lost 3:4 after the 90 minutes.

Game rating will probably be checked

Relay leader Christian Ritter has to decide how the game will be rated, but he was no longer available in the evening. “I got the information from the club that the player can be used,” said SuS trainer Martin Schmelzer, surprised.

“Of course it came out of the blue. But if that’s the case, then we’re happy to take the points,” Unna’s coach Sebastian Eckei commented on the facts. “Nevertheless, I pay tribute to Kaiserau for the strong performance.”

It remains to be seen whether the SuS will be able to buy something for it in the end. After the announcement of Westfalia Wethmar II’s withdrawal and the associated relegation, Kaiserau would definitely have bagged the class whereabouts with a regular win.

The SuS Kaiserau II convinced in Unna - but probably loses the points.
The SuS Kaiserau II convinced in Unna – but probably loses the points.© Ray Heese

RWU: Emmerich – Schütz (70th Nabeck), Yousofi, Appelhoff, Gomulka (32nd Richter), Buschhaus, Eismann (32nd Tiller), Alekseew, Lage, Pfeffer (66th Stagat), Czaja

SuS II: Suerkemper – Wyborny, Hagedorn, Polaczek (Wasscio 38), Kolkmann, N. Stender (Jendis 88), Milcarek, Piel, Schönbeck (Karadag 75), Hübner (Grundhoff 90), Körner

Gates: 0: 1 Schönbeck (13th), 0: 2 Stender (15th), 0: 3 Schönbeck (25th), 1: 3 Richter (45th), 1: 4 Körner (55th), 2: 4 Appelhoff ( 81.), 3: 4 lying (86.)

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