Police apparently tear glued climate activists off the street

In Hamburg, members of the Last Generation have paralyzed traffic in several places. The police cleared the climate protest – apparently rough.

An activist from the

An activist from the “Last Generation” climate protection initiative has his hand taped to the street.Matthias Balk/dpa

Climate activists brought Easter travel to Hamburg to a standstill with a blockade on Thursday. The Hamburg police apparently also tore a glued demonstrator off the street, claimed the last generation. The police countered that the glue hadn’t dried yet.

Last generation: Person was glued

Members of the last generation protested on three major traffic routes in and around the port of Hamburg on Thursday morning. These included the Elbe Tunnel, the Veddlerdamm and the New Elbe Bridge/B75. In the afternoon, the last generation published a video on Twitter in which serious allegations were made against the police.

The footage shows officers wrestling with an activist. According to the activists, the man was taped and pulled off the road. Then he screamed loudly and rolled over the asphalt.

Police respond to Last Generation video

In the comments, the Hamburg police responded and stated that the video had been noted and secured. The recording is said to have been forwarded to the police complaints office. In addition, the authority explains: “The gentleman, whose glue to our knowledge (& obviously) had not yet dried, was inspected by an RTW crew. No injury, no need for treatment.” Members of the Last Generation have not yet commented.

After blockade actions, the police opened the Hamburg Elbe tunnel and the Elbe bridges to traffic again in the afternoon. “The cleaning and operational measures at the Elbe Tunnel have been completed,” the police tweeted.

Even after the end of the campaign, traffic was backed up. The reason is also the increasing travel at Easter, explained the traffic control center.

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