Police: May demo in Berlin peaceful as long as not

May demo in Berlin more peaceful than it has been for a long time

Under the slogan "Revolutionary May Day" Left and radical left groups called for a demonstration on Labor Day

Under the motto “Revolutionary May 1st,” left-wing and radical left-wing groups called for a demonstration on Labor Day. photo

© Kay Nietfeld/dpa

May Day is traditionally a day for demonstrations by left-wing extremist groups. In recent years, however, it has been relatively quiet about their actions – that was also felt yesterday.

At the May Day demonstration in Berlin-Kreuzberg with thousands of people, there were no violent riots until late Monday evening. The police spoke of an “amazingly peaceful” course. “There are indications that it was the most peaceful May since 1987,” said a police spokesman.

In contrast to previous demonstrations, according to the police and dpa reporters, there were no targeted bottles or stones thrown at police officers, nor were burning barricades or attacks with pyrotechnics on emergency services observed. On Sunday there were minor riots at a left-feminist demonstration in Kreuzberg, after which the police reported eleven injured officers.

After the traditional demonstration by left-wing and left-wing extremist groups on May 1 ended prematurely, hundreds of people gathered on Oranienstrasse. Reporters from the German Press Agency described the mood as aggressive, with occasional verbal arguments and scuffles. The police showed a strong presence and quickly brought many emergency services together.

Police chief Barbara Slowik told RBB that the police were prepared for criminal offenses to occur during the night. “The darkness gives some room to look for another skirmish,” said Slowik.

The police spoke of around 12,000 people taking part in the so-called revolutionary May Day demonstration. The organizers named the number of around 20,000 participants. According to preliminary information from the police (as of 10:30 p.m.), there were nine arrests. According to previous knowledge, a police officer was injured.

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