Police send thousands of warnings to women

The headscarf requirement in Iran is controlled by video surveillance. More than 2,000 women are said to have already received warning text messages from the police about a violation.

A girl walks along the facade of a house in Tehran.

A girl walks along the facade of a house in Tehran.Uncredited/dpa

The police in Iran have already sent out thousands of warnings as part of the video surveillance of the headscarf requirement. In West Azerbaijan province, more than 2,000 text messages were sent to women suspected of breaking dress codes on the road, Etemad newspaper reported on Thursday. In addition, the authorities ordered the closure of 80 shops where the headscarf rules had been violated.

For a few days now, Iran’s police have been monitoring the headscarf requirement using video recordings, primarily using road traffic technology. However, much more extensive monitoring is planned. For months now, the notorious morality police, which used patrols to enforce headscarves, have almost completely disappeared from the streets. Many women in Iran’s metropolises no longer wear headscarves.

More than six months after the start of the latest wave of protests in Iran, the country’s political and spiritual leaders remain under massive pressure. The autumn uprisings plunged the Islamic Republic into one of the worst crises in decades. The trigger was the death of the Iranian Kurd Jina Mahsa Amini in mid-September. She died in police custody after being arrested for breaking Islamic dress codes.

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