Pregnant and Dating Where Are They Now? Where is the Cast of Pregnant and Dating?

Pregnant and Dating Show

“Pregnant and Dating” is a reality TV show that premiered on the We TV network in 2013. The series centers around the lives of five unmarried women who are expecting a child and actively seeking romantic connections and companionship.The primary objective of the show is to challenge and break down societal norms and stereotypes associated with pregnancy and dating.

By highlighting the experiences of these women, the series aims to shed light on the distinct obstacles they encounter while trying to navigate the complexities of romantic relationships during pregnancy.Each episode provides an intimate glimpse into their personal journeys, delving into their emotions, fears, and aspirations for the future. By sharing their stories, the show aims to foster empathy and understanding, while also offering a platform for these women to express themselves and share their unique perspectives.

Pregnant and Dating Where are they now?

“Pregnant and Dating” is a captivating reality TV show that centers around five single women going through different stages of pregnancy. Despite the challenges typically associated with childbirth, these women are determined to find love and companionship. The series documents their experiences as they navigate the dating scene while dealing with the changes and impact of pregnancy.

Each woman faces her own set of issues and problems, showcasing their unique approaches to handling them. The show introduces us to a diverse and engaging cast, leaving fans curious about their current whereabouts. While the cameras may no longer be rolling, fans are eager to discover what has happened to the cast members since the show aired.

Cast of Pregnant and Dating



Megan Aballi A makeup artist and stylist
Melissa Meister A fashion designer and business owner
Rachel Klein A radio DJ and television host
Kiesha Miles A singer-songwriter and entrepreneur
Shana Prevette A real estate agent and former beauty queen

Where is Megan Aballi Now?

Megan Aballi, introduced on the show as a Gel Nail educator and a high-end Manicurist, shared her heartbreaking story of being abandoned by her previous partner, Tony, who fathered her child. Despite Tony’s absence in their relationship, Megan decided to let him be a part of their daughter Charlie’s life. However, Megan made it clear that she had no intentions of pursuing a romantic relationship with Tony any further.

Nowadays, Megan has married and goes by the last name Ormando. She has embraced her role as a wonderful mother to Charlie, and together, they have built a life surrounded by their loved ones in Hawaii. In addition to her motherhood responsibilities, Megan is the owner and operator of her makeup company called Big Island Hawaii Makeup. We extend our best wishes to Megan in all her endeavors.

Where is Melissa Meister Now?

Melissa Meister, a 43-year-old Celebrity Stylist, faced challenges in her journey to get pregnant. Despite trying for a long time and undergoing artificial insemination, she initially had no success. However, shortly before filming began, Melissa finally became pregnant with her boyfriend of three years, Rob Heppler. Melissa’s current whereabouts and endeavors, there is limited information available. However, it is known that Melissa remains a dedicated mother and continues to make strides in the fashion industry as a Celebrity Stylist.

Where is Shana Prevette Now?

Shana, a 33-year-old model and two-time winner of Miss Hawaiian Tropic, was introduced on the show. She was in a relationship with NASCAR crew chief Scott Zipadelli when they were surprised to learn that Shana was pregnant. Initially, Shana felt annoyed by the pregnancy, and both she and Scott were unsure about what to do. Though specific details about her current activities are limited, we can appreciate Shana’s journey as a mother and wish her continued success in her career and personal life.

Where is Kiesha Miles Now?

Keisha Miles, known for her involvement in the pop group Xscape, was 33 and working as a Music Producer during the filming of the show. She had separated from her child’s father and was living with one of her close friends at the time. Keisha has chosen to maintain privacy regarding her personal life, but it appears that she splits her time between Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Melissa Pregnant and Dating

Melissa Meister is a designer and stylist known for her work in the fashion industry. She started her career in Los Angeles after attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for graphic design. Melissa gained recognition as a commercial actress and Wilhelmina model. Together with her partner, she created the Melissa Meister Couture brand, which was sold in top boutiques across the US.

Melissa’s talent led her to design custom pieces for celebrities and musicians, and she worked on independent films and television shows. She collaborated with notable personalities and companies such as Colin Farrell, Venus and Serena Williams, Nike, and Warner Bros. Pictures.Melissa’s interest in eco-development and fashion led her to become an advocate for eco-awareness, earning her the title of the “first eco stylist.” She is committed to creating sustainable fashion and promoting global eco-awareness.Beyond fashion, Melissa is passionate about lifestyle and uses her on-camera experience to connect with people through her online style forum, the Style Station.

Rachel Pregnant and Dating

Rachel, a television and film producer, was introduced on the show as a 43-year-old woman eagerly anticipating motherhood. However, when she learned that she would be having twins, her boyfriend decided he no longer wanted to be involved in her life. Despite this setback, Rachel embraced her role as a single mother and has been doing an exceptional job raising her children.

She has not only developed a strong bond with her twins but also achieved significant progress in her professional career. Alongside her loved ones, Rachel has built a fulfilling life. Currently, she keeps her personal life private, leaving her current whereabouts unknown.

Shana Pregnant and Dating

Shana, a 33-year-old model and two-time winner of Miss Hawaiian Tropic, was introduced on the show. During that period, she was in a relationship with NASCAR crew chief Scott Zipadelli when they discovered she was pregnant, which came as a surprise to both of them. Interestingly, Shana initially felt annoyed by her pregnancy, and even Scott was unsure about what to do.

Although Shana and Scott eventually broke up, Shana chose to let him remain involved in their son Rocco’s life, and they maintained a wonderful friendship. Over time, Shana has become more private and prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye. She is currently married and now goes by the last name Vanhook. In addition to being a fantastic mother, Shana runs her own model management agency called Prevette Models. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.

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