Press Council meets on “Zeit” and Friedrich: Who is ratting on whom?

The publisher Holger Friedrich ratted on Reichelt, the “Zeit” published leaks from the Springer publishing house. Both are now a topic in the press council.

Holger Friedrich portrait

The publisher Holger Friedrich ratted on poor Julian Reichelt to Springer Photo: Frank May/picture alliance

This stupid privacy but also always! And what it has to be used for all the time. Since ratted out Berlin newspaper-Publisher Holger Friedrich sent poor Julian Reichelt to Springer because he was at the door with supposedly private details from the Springer board.

“The Springer Executive Board in private”? At least that would be a nice headline for one Picture-home story. Also the Time should be responsible for the fact that she quoted texts and emails from Mathias Döpfner a few weeks ago. For example, what the Springer boss finely ironically thinks of Ossis etc. Because even Springer’s number 1 is of course a private person on the cell phone. Although Döpfner privately sounds more like an old-fashioned brandy.

What a pity that the German Press Council’s complaints committees are deliberating behind closed doors! On June 15, the press council wants to discuss the Friedrich case (violation of press code number 5 professional secrecy) and the Time-Reporting (Section 8 Protection of Personality). This will definitely be fun. Hopefully everyone will be able to agree on this soon. Friedrich doesn’t go at all. We can be just as excited about the wording of the complaint and whether the Berlin newspaper she prints.

“Snitch, Snitch went to the store, wanted cheese for 60. Cheese, there was no cheese, snitch, snitch is angry! Is it now about which faux pas is worse than the other? It’s nice that everyone has a say, gets upset and wants to be right,” asks the roommate.

In the Time things are different. Finally, she cited the material as evidence of the spirit in the Springer house and in the brain of Dr. Döpfner rules. And what effects this has on corporate policy and the working atmosphere. Which brings us back to Julian Reichelt.

Like the the southern german reported, Springer wants Friedrich’s slander that Reichelt is peddling company internals, now also in the court proceedings against the former Picture-Use boss.

Does something ring? Sure, of course! In 2006 the then Pictureboss Kai Diekmann created with the journalism professor Siegfried Weischenberg. He had in the Time written about Diekmann, which Dieki didn’t like. TimeEditor-in-Chief Giovanni di Lorenzo immediately tailed off and, as requested, deleted the name Diekmann from the crucial paragraphs of the article.

What’s more, “I’m very sorry,” di Lorenzo expressly apologized by fax and wrote to “Dear Kai” that “I assume that this is a personal fax to you”. What Diekmann took so personally that the fax was found as “Annex K 4 B” in the process as evidence. A process that Diekmann lost with drums and trumpets.

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