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Prey is a thrilling first-person shooter video game developed by Arkane Austin and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game is set in an alternate timeline where humanity has achieved space exploration much earlier, leading to the establishment of orbital stations. The player takes on the role of Morgan Yu, a member of a scientific team investigating the Typhon, a hostile alien force with both physical and psychic powers.

However, the Typhon soon escape confinement, and the player must use their weapons and abilities to survive and escape the Talos I space station orbiting Earth–Moon L2. The game features a mix of gameplay elements, including role-playing video games, stealth games, immersive sims, and Metroidvanias. Players can explore the open world setting by acquiring key items and abilities, which grant access to new areas of the station.

Along the way, players can upgrade their weapons and abilities, adding more depth to the gameplay. The game’s story is engaging and keeps players on the edge of their seats as they uncover the secrets of Talos I and the Typhon. Prey is a must-play for fans of the genre and offers a unique and immersive gaming experience.

Prey Walkthrough

The walkthrough is organized into primary missions that will lead you through various sections of the game, along with numerous optional areas. It’s essential to keep in mind that Prey offers multiple avenues for exploration and problem-solving, and our guide aims to illustrate the numerous approaches you can take to accomplish your goals.

First Day on the Job:

This is the opening mission of Prey where the player takes control of Morgan Yu, who has just woken up on their first day at the Talos I space station. The mission serves as a tutorial, introducing the player to the basic mechanics of the game, such as movement, object interaction, and combat.

The player will navigate through a series of environments, from their apartment to the test labs and eventually to their office. Along the way, the player will encounter the first hostile aliens, known as mimics, and learn how to use weapons and abilities to defend themselves.

Break Out:

This mission follows the events of the previous mission, where Morgan wakes up in their office and is greeted by January, a mysterious figure who claims to be helping them. The objective of this mission is to escape from the office and make it to the main lobby to meet with Alex Yu, Morgan’s brother.

However, the station is now overrun by the alien species known as Typhon, and the player will face several challenges and obstacles in their attempt to escape. The mission requires the player to use stealth, combat, and puzzle-solving skills to progress through the environment.

An Office with a View:

In this mission, the player has successfully made it to Alex Yu’s office, but they find that he is not there. Instead, they are greeted by an AI called January, who explains that Alex is on the other side of the station and gives the player the objective of reaching him.

The player must navigate through a series of environments, including a zero-gravity area and a simulation lab, to reach Alex’s location. Along the way, they will encounter new enemies, such as the powerful Telepaths, and acquire new weapons and abilities to aid them in their journey. The mission culminates in a boss fight against a formidable opponent known as the Nightmare.

Through a Glass Darkly:

In this mission, the player must explore the Arboretum, a plant-filled area of the station, in search of keycards needed to progress through the game. The mission also involves dealing with the station’s artificial intelligence, known as January.


This mission sees the player searching for Dr. Igwe in the Psychotronics lab and other areas to progress the story. Players must deal with both human and alien enemies in this mission.

Gathering Echoes:

This side mission tasks the player with finding audio recordings left behind by various crew members to piece together what happened on the station. It involves exploring various areas of the station and dealing with enemies along the way.

Restore From Backup:

This mission involves repairing and activating the station’s graviton beam in order to bring a satellite back to Earth. The player must navigate through various areas of the station, including the hardware labs and Talos I exterior.

This Side Up:

In this mission, the player must retrieve a series of packages that have been scattered throughout the station. It involves navigating through a variety of areas and dealing with both human and alien enemies.

Shipping and Receiving:

This mission tasks the player with repairing a damaged tram system in order to access other areas of the station. It involves exploring the cargo bay and dealing with enemies along the way.


This mission involves repairing and activating a power plant to restore power to various areas of the station. Players must navigate through the power plant and deal with various obstacles, including enemy aliens.

Keys to the Kingdom:

In this mission, the player must explore the crew quarters and search for keycards that will allow them to access Alex Yu’s office. Players must avoid or deal with enemies along the way.

The Repo Man:

This side mission involves retrieving items from various locations throughout the station. It involves navigating through various areas and dealing with enemies.

A Mind Without Limits:

This mission sees the player venturing into deep space to locate the remains of Dr. Calvinos’ shuttle. It involves navigating through a zero-gravity area and dealing with various obstacles.


In this final mission, the player must confront Alex Yu and decide the fate of the station and its inhabitants. It involves navigating through various areas and making choices that will impact the ending of the game.



First Day on the Job Your Apartment
Break Out Your Apartment, Neuromod Division
An Office with a View Talos 1 Lobby
Through a Glass Darkly Talos 1 Lobby, Hardware Labs
Detour Psychotronics, G.U.T.S., Arboretum
Gathering Echoes Arboretum, Talos 1 Lobby, Hardware Labs, Crew Quarters
Restore From Backup Crew Quarters, Arboretum, Deep Storage
This Side Up Talos 1 Exterior
Shipping and Receiving Cargo Bay
Reboot Life Support, Power Plant
Keys to the Kingdom Power Plant, Life Support, Cargo Bay, G.U.T.S., Talos 1 Lobby, Hardware Labs, Talos 1 Exterior, Neuromod Division, Arboretum, Crew Quarters
The Repo Man Arboretum, Deep Storage, Talos 1 Lobby, Shuttle Bay, Talos 1 Exterior, Life Support, Neuromod Division, Talos 1 Bridge
A Mind Without Limits Arboretum, Psychotronics, Talos 1 Bridge
Perdition Arboretum, Power Plant, Talos 1 Bridge

Prey Guide

Prey walkthrough and guide is here to help players navigate the exciting world of this action-adventure game with RPG elements. Developed by Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks, Prey draws inspiration from classic titles like System Shock and features an open world and Metroidvania-style progression.  

A good walkthrough also offers tips and strategies for dealing with tough situations, as well as recommendations for which skills and abilities to focus on to improve the player’s chances of survival. Many websites and gaming forums offer comprehensive Prey walkthroughs, including maps, screenshots, and videos to enhance the player’s understanding and experience of the game.

  • Prey has some useful PC controls that are not listed in the game, such as the middle mouse button for the radial/items menu and F5/F9 for quick save and quick load, respectively.

  • The game’s enemies are a real threat, especially in the early stages, and players should take extra care when fighting them. Using the right tools to minimize their effectiveness can make all the difference.

  • Supplies are scarce in Prey, so it’s essential to thoroughly loot each area to find everything you need to survive.

  • When encountering electrical junctions, players should use the GLOO Cannon to prevent getting fried for a ton of health. Alternatively, they can use an EMP or sprint through it immediately after it goes off, provided they have Mobility I and II Neuromods.

  • Different Neuromod abilities will enable players to progress the game in different ways, so they should use whichever ones are available to them.

  • Food and drink can recover players’ health, with each item restoring 10 HP. Players can stack the regeneration effect by eating multiple items at once, and food is more effective when combined with the Metabolic Boost Neuromod.

  • Crafting is straightforward and quick in Prey, making it an efficient way to stay stocked on supplies. Players can find a Fabricator and use the appropriate materials to create whatever they need. They can also use the Recycler, sometimes found near the Fabricator, to acquire materials.

  • Medical Operators heal players to full, Engineering Operators repair their suit fully, and Science Operators restore their psi points fully. These are all useful tools to have in different situations, and players should use them wisely to stay alive.

Prey Gameplay

Prey is a first-person shooter game with role-playing, stealth, and immersive sim elements set in an open world environment. The game features a continuous space station where the player, as Morgan Yu, must survive against the Typhon, a hostile alien force with various physical and psychic powers. The player can choose Morgan’s attributes and decisions that impact the game’s story.

The game allows the player to collect resources and weapons to defeat the Typhon and explore the station. The game also features an array of different powers that the player can gain from the Typhon, acquired by using a device called a psychoscope. Prey has multiple endings that depend on the player’s actions throughout the game.

The Mooncrash expansion adds a separate game mode with randomized enemy placement and items, presenting the player with five different escape routes to uncover what happened at the Pytheas Moonbase. Players can permanently unlock skills for each character by collecting certain objects within the game world, and they can reset the simulation to randomize world elements and effectively start a new run.

The Typhon Hunter expansion has two game modes: a single-player virtual reality experience with escape room scenarios aboard the Talos I station, and an asymmetrical multiplayer mode for up to six players. One player takes the role of Morgan, while the others are Mimic Typhons that can disguise themselves as any object in the environment. Morgan must find and kill all the other players within a limited amount of time, while the Mimic players can rearrange items in rooms and jump out to attack Morgan when they get close.

Prey Trailer

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