Prince Louis is the Welsh child ‘most at risk from life in the gilded cage’ – author

As the youngest of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three children, Prince Louis could be a so-called double substitute; However, one author says he is at greatest risk for “fighting.” Not only does his demeanor “remarkably” resemble that of his uncle Prince Harry, but Louis also can’t “escape” royal life.

Prince Louis, who one author says will likely have the hardest time in the
Prince Louis | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

“The kid most at risk from life in the gilded cage is Louis,” says Tom Quinn, author of Gilded youth, a book about growing up in the royal family, told the Daily Beast. “My sources say George is already being treated differently. Not from his parents, but from other people. And that Louis tries everything to attract attention.”

“Louis already seems remarkably like Harry – the prankster -” added Quinn. “And he may have as much trouble finding a role in the royal family as Harry did.” Louis even borrowed a childhood outfit from his uncle, the Duke of Sussex, for 2019’s Trooping the Color , borrowed.

As it stands, Louis is a “double substitute” currently ranked 4th in lineup. Ahead of him is Princess Charlotte, 8, in 3rd place and Prince George, 9, in 2nd place, leaving her father, the Prince of Wales, at the top.

Prince Louis’ childhood will still be “very difficult”, although Harry and Prince William’s is “far more damaging”.

Prince Louis, who one royal author says will have a harder time in the
Prince Louis | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Quinn went on to discuss Harry’s comment about his concern that “at least one” of William and Kate’s children “will end up like him”, “the surrogate child”.

“I can understand why Harry is afraid for the children,” said the author. “But his fears are based to some degree on his own childhood, which was far more damaging than the Cambridge children’s childhood likely is.”

That doesn’t mean there won’t be all the royal perks and none of the complications. “It’s still going to be very difficult for Louis and Charlotte,” Quinn said.

Prince Louis can’t escape his royal life for a “normal” life

“Like all royal children, he quickly realizes that he lives a life of luxury,” Quinn said of Louis. “But he can’t really get out of it and have a normal life, but he’s not number one either.”

The young king, the author said, “will not be, or is very unlikely ever to become, the monarch.” With that in mind, it’s up to William and Kate to prevent him from becoming like the “lost substitutes” of the royal family ends like Princess Margaret and Prince Andrew.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are ready to do whatever it takes to prevent Louis from feeling “lost”, according to Quinn. Some think they might even break the cycle of inheritance and replacement.

“I think because the royal family is now aware of the mistakes they’ve made in the past, particularly when it comes to raising children,” Quinn continued. “I think they’re going to go to tremendous lengths to make sure Louis doesn’t feel like a lost soul.”

The author also said the couple may find it “easier” to avoid making Louis feel aimless in his royal life “partly because the world has changed so much.” The world has changed a lot since William and Harry were young.”

With Louis, only time seems to tell And his siblings on how they deal with growing up royal. For now, at least, they make occasional public appearances when not attending classes at Lambrook School.

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