Prince William wants to remove the oath of allegiance from his coronation and be “more modern”.

Royalty Modernization
The coronation seemed too dusty for him: Prince William would like to change a few things on his own

Prince William

Prince William is apparently already thinking about himself as king.

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After a coronation there is always a new one, provided there is an heir to the throne. In the British royal family, Prince William is said to be already thinking about his own reign.

In the British royal family, Prince William and his wife Princess Kate in particular stand for modernity and a fresh breeze. After Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan emigrated to California, the two in their early forties are now pretty much alone in the first ranks of working royals.

King Charles III is 74 years old and was crowned King of England. His mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, lived to be 96 and held the throne for 70 years and 214 days. A record length of time that will go down in history as the longest known reign by a monarch. Prince Charles waited a long time for his time on the throne, which was sealed with the internationally broadcast coronation on the first weekend in May.

As in every family, there are generational differences in the royal family. So designed King Charles III. his coronation slimmed down significantly compared to that of his mother in 1953. At the 1950s coronation, 8000 people were invited to Westminster Abbey, 70 years later Charles was only allowed to attend 2300 live on site. The new king is not only known for his great interest in the topics of environment and climate, he also cares about general savings within the royal family.

For three days, King Charles’ III. celebrated new reign in Britain. Starting with the official coronation on Saturday May 6th, a concert followed the next day in the grounds of Windsor Castle. The following Monday, the royal family came together to support the project “The Big Help Out” at the request of the new king. A non-profit project where everyone who was physically active and other people helped. Prince William and Duchess Kate released a short film on Instagram summarizing the coronation weekend:

Apparently, recent events have made the prince think about his own coronation, which is estimated to be in twenty years at the latest. After Prince William actively supported his father at the ceremony and played the third most important part in the celebrations after Queen Camilla, a source told The Times newspaper about Prince William’s future plans.

Prince William wants to remove the oath of allegiance at his coronation

The royal coronation service followed tradition and was presided over by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury. He asked them to swear allegiance to the king and his “heirs and successors”. “Anyone who wants to offer their support should do so,” he also addressed TV viewers. According to The Times, this passage ended up on Prince William’s mental cross-off list during the coronation ceremony when he is crowned king. The prince is said to find this request too old-fashioned, according to the source. He wants to “further develop” the ceremony during his tenure.

Prince William has recently renounced the ceremony to take over the title “Prince of Wales”, which he inherited from his father when he became king after the death of the Queen. This title is borne by the direct heir to the throne. Charles received it at the age of nine in 1958. However, the ceremony for the appointment of the Prince of Wales did not take place until 1969 due to his childhood. Kneeling before 4,000 people in the courtyard of Caernarfon Castle, a ruined castle in Wales, the Prince received the title from his mother, the Queen. A procession that Prince William had already waived.

“The royal family must be relevant”

Based on the prince’s choices already made, the source suggests to The Times that his coronation will “feel and look very different” to his father’s. It should be “modern and relevant”, keep the Commonwealth and the nation together in the future and inspire enthusiasm for the monarchy. Of course, Prince William, who will eventually be known as King William V, isn’t thinking about his father’s death, but reflecting on the past week automatically leads to thoughts about your own future.

In an interview with BBC on Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday, the prince said: “I certainly don’t lie up at night waiting or hoping to be king.” However, he admitted that he was engaged in the modernization of the monarchy. “I think a lot about how you could evolve the monarchy into something modern in today’s world. I think the royal family has to modernize and evolve over time to be relevant. That’s the challenge for me: How am I making the royal family relevant over the next 20 years?”

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