Princess Anne confirms King Charles is well prepared for the throne

Less than a week before the coronation, Princess Anne shared with CBC News her feelings about the reign of King Charles III. “Well you know what you’re getting because he’s been practicing[c]a little, and I don’t think he’s going to change,” Anne explained. “You know, he’s committed to his own level of service, and it’s going to stay that way.” Anne noted that “monarchy is about continuity,” and keeping that in mind is an important part of coming to terms with Charles, who following in the footsteps of her late mother, Queen Elizabeth II. “My mother was the queen for a very long time. And while you kind of know this could happen, you don’t really think about it much. . .” adds Anne.

Maintaining this “continuity,” which Anne sees as vital to the success of the monarchy, means the royal family must recalibrate their allegiance to those next in line. “For the rest of us, it’s more of a question, OK, we need to change the way we support,” she stressed. As for her own role at the coronation as the cherished gold stick-in-waiting, Anne had no hesitation in embracing the title. “So I said yes, last but not least it solves my clothing problem,” she joked. It’s clear that Anne would take on any role that the new king and queen could ask of her, and considering how respected she is in the family, they can easily take it.

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