Privatization debate has been dumbed down by polarization

The climate of political polarization in Brazil has undermined the debate around privatizations, in the opinion of the columnist for UOL Madeleine Lacsko. The discussion gained momentum with the withdrawal of Correios and other state-owned companies from the government’s privatization plan.

The privatization debate has been completely idiotic. On the one hand, there is a political force against all types of privatization, but which has already privatized. On the other, a political force selling the fish that ‘you have to privatize everything’ and with outlandish stories.
Madeleine Lacsko, UOL columnist

In participation in UOL News this Friday, Lacsko cited some examples of state-owned companies around the world, such as the case of postal services —and that work well. She also assessed the need for private investment in other services and reinforced that, despite political polarization hindering the discussion, the government can take advantage of it to promote development.

There are advances that require private investment, such as sanitation. This debate has been captured by polarization and has been dumbed down. I hope that the idiotization is just to capture this more heated public debate and that the real government actions are taken with a view to the future of Brazil.
Madeleine Lacsko, UOL columnist

Tales: In addition to Bolsonaro, Albuquerque must be indicted in the jewelry case

In addition to former president Jair Bolsonaro, Admiral Bento Albuquerque should also be indicted in the Saudi jewelry scandal, according to Tales Faria. The columnist projected the next steps of the investigations, with the two protagonists fighting to try to incriminate each other in the case.

Everyone knew this would end with Bolsonaro being indicted. Not much is said, but most likely Admiral Bento [Albuquerque] will also be indicted. The two will have to explain themselves and they should fight halfway through, because Bolsonaro is trying to play on Bento, who is trying to get out as best he can. He’ll have to hand it all over, or he’ll take the blame too.. Tales Faria, UOL columnist

Tales: Lula does not make clear the relationship with centrão and creates unnecessary problem

When analyzing the crisis involving Juscelino Filho, Tales assessed that Lula made a “serious mistake” in the way he handled the entry of União Brasil, the party to which the Minister of Communications belongs. For the columnist, the nebulous relationship between the president and the centrão generated a big headache for the government.

It was a big mistake by Lula the way he treated the entry of União Brasil into the government. To have the center, he should have made it clear from the beginning that, at any accusation, the appointed minister will leave to explain himself and can return later. With that, he would neutralize possible crises with the departure of ministers from the centrão. It is evident that Juscelino could not be in government. Lula did not make clear his relationship with the centrão and the government unnecessarily created a problem for itself. Tales Faria, UOL columnist

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