Process against Michelle is filed by the MP; understand the case

Former first lady criticized the religious ceremony and wrote: “That can, right! I can’t talk about God”

July 18
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On June 29, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (DF’s Attorney’s Office in the Federal District) decided to shelve a case that investigated a possible crime on the part of the former first lady. Michelle Bolsonaro.



Photo: Wilson Dias / Brazil Agency / Brazil Profile

She shared video of the president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in an umbanda ceremony with the caption: “That can, right! I can’t talk about God”.

In the document, the attorney Frederick de Carvalho Paiva claims that Michelle’s attitude has “prejudiced, intolerant, pedantic and arrogant connotation”. However, her conduct would be supported by freedom of religious expression.

“They are closer to a complaint about a possible intolerance suffered by their belief than to an attack on the African religion”.

The process investigated a possible crime established in article 20 of law n. 7,716 of 1989: “Practicing, inducing or inciting discrimination or prejudice based on race, color, ethnicity, religion or national origin”. According to the MP, Michelle Bolsonaro’s defense stated that the conduct “occurred within the limits of freedom of religious expression”.


In August 2022, then First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro shared an old video on her social media profile of Lula participating in a celebration of Umbanda, an African religion.

In the caption, he wrote: “That can be right! I can’t talk about God”.

The video was recorded during an event at the Legislative Assembly of Bahia, in Salvador. The images of Lula being showered with popcorn were shared by the current Minister of Agrarian Development and then deputy Paulo Teixeira, on August 26, 2021.

“Squid in Salvador blessed and protected by the popcorn bath used in offerings to the Orixás Obaluayê in Umbanda”wrote the deputy at the time.

See the video of the event recorded at the Legislative Assembly of Bahia, on August 26, 2021.

Michelle Bolsonaro is an evangelical linked to the Baptist Church.

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