Pump Rules star Scheana Shay shares her thoughts on Katie

Scheana Shay on where she stands with Katie Maloney after feud as Brock defends her against criticism over Sandoval pic and issues stern warning

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Sheana Shay shared an unexpected update regarding their relationship Katie Maloney on last week’s episode of her podcast.

Having experienced many ups and downs with Katie over the past few seasons Vanderpump Rules However, Scheana ended Season 10 on seemingly good terms, describing her current status as her husband. Brock Davieshelped defend her against ongoing backlash over her Lake Tahoe photo Tom Sandoval.

“When I’m spending a moment with a fan, it’s hard not to think about the duality of public life. Love and support on the one hand and hurtful comments on the other – especially about my wife. It hurts, it’s personal,” Brock wrote on July 21 in an Instagram story that included the photo in question.

“Remember,” he continued, “Vanderpump Rules is about real people, real friendships and real emotions from over 15 years. This isn’t just entertainment, it’s a part of our lives that you’ve come to appreciate. But with every unfriendly comment, the recipient is a real person. It’s not just a fleeting thought that you share; It is harsh words that we read, feel and remember.”

Earlier this week, after Scheana and other cast members, including Ally Lewber, Tom Schwartz, Lala KentAnd James Kennedyposed for a photo with a fan at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, where Lisa Vanderpump will open a new restaurant later this year, fans accused Scheana of forgiving Sandoval for his affair with him Rachel Levisswhich took place for months behind the back of Scheana’s longtime best friend, Ariana Madix. And while Scheana denied that “all is forgiven,” fans continued to shame her over the potential reconciliation.

After the backlash, Brock told his online audience that they should show more respect and compassion to the cast of VanderpUMP Rules.

“Ironically, many of you posting these comments would smile eagerly and ask for a photo if you met us, just like this fan did with Tom. But we’re not just here for the photo ops. We live our lives here and share our journey,” he noted. “It’s high time we fostered respect and empathy, not just for the ‘characters’ you see on screen, but for the real people behind them. Let’s make this community a reality that leads to the friendships you set your mind to. Let’s do better.”

He then ended his statement with a stark warning, writing, “If you don’t understand, feel free to say what you’re commenting to my face…”

Vanderpump reigns Brock Davies defends Scheana Shay after group shot with Tom Sandoval in Lake Tahoe

As for Scheana’s friendship with Katie, the pump rules The performer said on her podcast that she and Katie had a bonding moment during an Emo Nite DJ event with Ariana in April that “brought their relationship back together.”

“It’s amazing how music and something like Emo Nite can really bring people who have had a fight back together,” Scheana told her guest Dayna Kathan on the July 14 episode Scheananigans, via Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “I love that it could do all of that for us.”

“We’re back to being friends and just re-learning where we are in life and what we need from friendship and all of that. And we’re in a great position,” she continued. “We had a little dinner for two the other day, emo nite, [and] everything. We have so much fun together.”

As fans will recall, Scheana and Katie’s relationship was quite strained at the start of Season 10 as Scheana encouraged a romance between Schwartz and Raquel. And even before that, she often felt insecure about her dynamic.

“I texted her and she didn’t respond properly [away]I’m like, “Oh my god, wait, did I say something on a podcast?” Is she mad at me? Wait, wait’” Scheana recalled. “And I’m racking my brains as to why it isn’t [answering me] and I’m like, “No, she’s just really bad at responding.” It’s ok, it’s not just you… I’ve got so many scenarios going through my head as to why she’s not responding? She hates me. We’re not friends again. She’s mad at me, I did something.”

Scheana then said that after working with The 27s to release an emo version of “Good as Gold,” she hopes to work and perform with the group again.

“I’ll be the first to say I’m not a great singer, but I can scream, I can rap, I can perform and put on a good show.” We’re going to get back in the studio and that’s always been the dream. If I can be like a Gwen Stefani, Fergie [and] If I have all my boys behind me, how much fun would that be?” She wondered.

Scheana also said she hopes to reunite with Katie and Ariana for another DJ event.

“We just want to keep going. Now I’m like, ‘Do you guys really want to take this seriously, make us a name as DJs, maybe in some other cities too?’” she said. “Because I just think that would be so much fun.”

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 is expected to begin airing on Bravo later this year or early next year.

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