Quicker way to tutor kids in reading, solar panels between railway tracks, heattech saving swimming pools

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a study found a quicker way to tutor kids in reading, a startup is rolling out solar panels on railway, and 20 public pools in the UK are set to benefit from data center heat tech.

How ‘short-burst’ tutoring benefits kids learning to read

A study in the US state of Florida has found that short-burst tutoring works wonders for children who have just begun learning to read. This method requires a small classroom space and involves less disruption to school schedule.

Source: The Hechinger Report

Swiss startup to roll out carpet-like solar panels in world first

Sun-Ways developed a mechanism that installs removable solar panels in the spaces between railway tracks. The startup has since addressed concerns regarding risk of fires.

Source: Euronews

Innovative heat tech could save England’s swimming pools from closure

Twenty pools may be upgraded this year following the example of a public pool in Devon that uses energy from a small data center to heat its water.

Source: The Guardian

French weather bulletins now include climate change angle

Two French TV stations are breaking away from traditional weather forecasts to add a climate angle. Forecasters have long been encouraged to consider climate change science in their reports.

Source: Euronews

Board game helps teach sustainable living to Finnish kids

The Climate Puzzle, a board game developed by a Finnish climate firm, uses emissions data to show players the impact of lifestyle choices.

Source: Bloomberg

Idris Elba, Mo Abudu to foster African film and TV talent

Two big names in the media industry are joining forces to promote authentic representation and diverse storytelling.

Source: CNN

Public art investment shows transformation of a city in Indiana

Fort Wayne has bounced back from decades of job shortage and is now investing in public art. Arts and culture are a multibillion-dollar industry in Indiana alone, employing over 78,000 people.

Source: PBS

Unique farm on top of car park proposed for Birmingham

This initiative would provide fresh locally grown food, promote sustainable agriculture and cut carbon emissions.

Source: The Guardian

Centuries later, Tokyo farms continue to thrive

More than a thousand farms are able to flourish in the bustling city of Tokyo thanks to a law allowing farmland owners to register their fields as productive green areas.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Mobile childcare supports parents working outdoors

In Burkina Faso, a project has made childcare accessible to parents who are working as outdoor manual labourers.

Source: BBC

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