Raneka & Asonta Still Together?

Is Love During Lockup couple Raneka and Asonta still together? Viewers had a field day with Raneka over her crazed-looking wig. Plus, she was preparing to move out of state to be near her inmate love she had never even met. Despite the fact that she made a good living where she was, he was her soul mate. Therefore, she was packing up her two girls and heading to Georgia. Yet, did that actually happen? Read on for more details.

Love During Lockup Spoiler: Raneka & Asonta Still Together?

A fresh crop of inmates and their outside loves were introduced in the brand-new season of Love During Lockup. One couple was Raneka and Asonta. Raneka has two daughters and multiple businesses. Along with that, she is a rapper but has an inmate love who lives in Georgia. This means that she is going to pack up everything and move to live near him. When she told her friends, they were less than pleased with her impulsive decision. Then, Raneka told her father about her man, who was locked up and he had his own opinion.

Asonta-Love During Lockup-YouTube
Asonta-Love During Lockup-YouTube

He had been in prison for most of Raneka’s life so he was worried about the Love During Lockup star making a huge mistake. Furthermore, he was just getting to know his daughter again and he did not want to lose her again. Yet, Raneka was going to do what she wanted regardless of what anyone said. So, did she make the trek and what is her current status with Asonta? According to Starcasm, Raneka has revealed that she is single.

Raneka-Love During Lockup-YouTube
Raneka-Love During Lockup-YouTube

Though she appears to still be living in Georgia, which means she did make the move, the relationship did not pan out. She revealed this information via her Instagram stories, writing: “Yes I’m single but I’m not interested unless you helping me progress and that ain’t it so keep it moving….” Additionally, Raneka has posted subliminal messages through songs on her social media so it’s clear she is on the hunt. However, what has really drawn people to her is her hair- and not in a good way.

But Her Hair…

Fans immediately had a reaction to the Love During Lockup star’s multi-colored wig. The top is a cream color while the rest is lime but the disturbing part of it all was the edges as viewers pointed out.

Another added:

Someone also said it was reminiscent of a Sprite can. However, Raneka has made it clear that she has heard what fans have had to say and her new stylist is fixing her up.

Are you shocked that things did not work out with her and her inmate love? Let us know and watch Love During Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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