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10,000 visitors came to the techno festival in bathing suits on Saturday

Crowds, brutal heat and hard techno beats – the WET 2023 took place last Saturday.

By Alexander Kappen

Sindelfingen. Naked bodies, bright summer weather, dozens of stewards, police officers, paramedics – the WET 23 took place for the first time in the Sindelfingen outdoor pool. The bathroom is beautifully situated in the forest. Admission was 75 euros normal and with a premium ticket (which the reporter got for free) 125 euros.

This allowed you to use the better toilets and had other advantages. Parking spaces cost 6 euros in advance. Without them, about a kilometer walk from the city of Sindelfingen had to be accepted.

Several live techno acts performed on stage. Many visitors went to the outdoor pool to cool down and then raved away in front of the stage again.

Many guests had come up with funny outfits, such as two girls wearing frog hats. WET Open Air Festival | July 15, 2023 | Badezentrum Sindelfingen (wet-openair.de)

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