Ready for the Bundesliga: Reis should leave HSV for this sum

The international break seems to be really good for him. After a bit of a worm in there with HSV, Ludovit Reis is thriving at Holland’s U21s. In the test against Norway (3-0), the midfielder scored and warmed up for the final spurt of the season. Even more: Reis is applying for a place in the Bundesliga. Whether with or without HSV.

He’s scored from more difficult positions. Reis headed the ball over the line from a meter to the final score on Saturday, rather unadorned and yet special: It was his first goal in the 25th junior international match. A flourish for the jubilee. And another highlight in Reis’ formidable season.

HSV professional Ludovit Reis scores for the Dutch U21s

On Monday, “Jong Oranje” will face the Czech Republic in Murcia, Spain, after which Reis will return to HSV. In the Volkspark, they sincerely hope that the midfielder will take his good form into the league. In the next nine games, it’s all about answering the question of whether HSV will finally make it up – or fail again. Whereby Reis should have his place in the House of Lords one way or the other.

The Dutchman is on his way to the Bundesliga – but with which club?


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Preferably with HSV, where he extended his contract early in November until the summer of 2026. But: If he doesn’t get promoted, he can go, that was the deal. So far, nothing has been known about the amount of the transfer fee due. According to MOPO information, it should be in the range of 7.5 to eight million euros. That would at least be a warm rain of money for HSV.

There is plenty of interest in the 22-year-old. Almost all Bundesliga clubs, with the exception of the noble clubs Bayern and Dortmund, should deal with rice. Many of them have already contacted his agency “Wasserman” to check out the possibility of a change in the summer as a precaution. Reis knows about it, but recently told MOPO: “Of course you can take something like that as a compliment. But the interest of other clubs doesn’t drive me crazy.”

If you don’t board, will Robert Glatzel also disembark?

No question: Reis, who is playing his best professional season (seven goals already), is the hottest stock in the second division. In the event of promotion, however, he would definitely want to stay.

If things go wrong, HSV not only threatens Reis’ departure. Then Robert Glatzel (16 goals this season), who can go for 1.5 million euros if not promoted, could also be about to leave. Ahead of this season, the 29-year-old pulled out of Schalke at the last moment and decided to make another attempt with HSV. Would he be able to resist possible calls again this time?

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Reis and Glatzel have their fate in their own feet. If they get back on track quickly after their recent dip (one win from four games), they could fulfill their dream of playing in the Bundesliga in just two months – without having to change.

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