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Rebecca Goodwin, an OnlyF model, Has been making headlines since announcing her new venture. But who is she? Let’s explore The career and life of models. Rebecca Goodwin Is one of many people who have joined adult site OnlyF, but she’s in the headlines for different reasons. Goodwin took to Twitter to announce her new venture, which aims to give back to The community during difficult times.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing who The model was broke until news of her new business venture. So if you want to know who Rebecca Goodwin is, read on. Rebecca Goodwin is 28 years old and is from Mansfield, Derbyshire, England. She is a single mother of two daughters, now 4 and 11. Before joining OnlyF, The family had to live off meal vouchers. Goodwin described how her family lived on six bags of groceries, each worth five days in vouchers.

Rebecca, who didn’t want this kind of Life for her young children, joined adult platform OnlyF In April 2019. Speaking to The Independent, she said: “I started OnlyF out of desperation. My two daughters and I lived on six bags of food for over a month. I didn’t even have the money to host my daughter’s one-year-old Birthday party.”

Given that Goodwin Is a mother of two, some may question her work, but according to Goodwin, her oldest daughter Is happy With what she does. Telling The Independent: “My oldest daughter knew what I was doing and she didn’t mind at all.” By the time she joined OnlyF, Goodwin was £15,000 in debt and struggling to support her children. That changed quickly when she started creating content that transformed a single mother of two from poverty to wealth.

Goodwin told The Independent how she earned £1,600 In just 10 days selling her own content on The platform. She now earns up to £100,000 a month using The subscription-based platform.

The mother-of-two was able to save enough to buy her family a £230,000 four-bedroom house and a £45,000 Porsche. The model is now looking for more business opportunities. While Rebecca Goodwin Is meddling With her content on OnlyF, she’s now focusing on other businesses that Not only generate profits for her family, but help people at The same time.

The mother-of-two announced on Social media that she Is launching a new affordable housing initiative, using her OnlyF earnings to fund it.

Goodwin plans to buy eight homes outright and rent them out to low-income families struggling to make ends meet during The cost-of-living crisis.

However, supporters on Twitter were quick to point out that such an idea might not work. Twitter user @Tomlfc22 said: “A good idea just doesn’t work, especially In this market.”

When asked about the viability of her plan, Rebecca replied, “I make enough money at OnlyF, I don’t Have a mortgage, so The rent Is 100% profit, other than alimony and insurance, it’s a side hustle , my child inherited The can. I’m Not doing this to make More money, I’m doing this to invest In my child’s future.”

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