‘Rebel’ star reveals Netflix canceled sequel after two seasons

In an interview with the Mexican newspaper ‘Hola’, Sergio Mayer Mori says he does not know the reason for the decision

Sergio Mayer Moriprotagonist of Rebelconfirmed that the series of Netflix ended in season 2. In an interview with the newspaper Hola, the Mexican actor said he had no idea what would have caused the cancellation of production continuity. “I have no idea why. It definitely wasn’t my decision,” he said.

Sérgio Mayer Mori is the protagonist in the series 'Rebelde'

Sérgio Mayer Mori is the protagonist in the series ‘Rebelde’

Photo: Instagram/@smayermori / Estadão

“It would have been an honor for me to do seasons three, four and five, but it didn’t happen. It was (Netflix’s decision). It was the producers who told us, ‘Thanks for everything guys, but there won’t be a third,'” said the artist, who gives life to Esteban Torres, the scholarship student at EWS (Elite Way School) who discovers he is the son of millionaire Marcelo Colucci (Leonardo de Lozanne).

The first season of Rebelde aired in January 2022, with the second season already recorded. Released in the same year, the sequel was not publicized and the songs were never released on digital platforms either, because the contract with Sony Music it was already over.

With original format from Argentina Cris MorenaRebelde exists since 2002 with the title Rebel Way, and premiered as a 318-chapter telenovela in Argentina. The production was exported to several countries and gained local versions in Mexico, Brazil, India, Chile and Portugal.

With the success, Netflix decided to adapt the plot to a series, creating new characters and stories, and bet on references to the past and the Mexican pop group RBD. But the project did not have the same appeal among the new generation.

So far, Netflix has not confirmed the decision.

In this sequel, Elite Way students become pop stars by day and vigilantes by night, as they compete in a high school song contest with their band and try to uncover who is behind the school’s violent prank calls and bombings.

The cast highlighted the Brazilian Giovanna Grigiothe argentinian Franco Masini and the Colombian Jeronimo Cantillo. In addition to several young Mexican artists besides Sergio Mayer Mori, such as Guaita blue, Alejandro Puente and the rookies Andrea Chaparro It is Lizeth Selene.

Cast of the Netflix series 'Rebel'

Cast of the Netflix series ‘Rebel’

Photo: Netflix/Disclosure / Estadão

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