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During a border check on the Swiss border, customs found 130 kilograms of drugs

The Stuttgart customs achieved a respectable success. In the fight against the flood of drugs, a record “loot” has been made.

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart/Weil am Rhein. The value of the seized drugs is at least 250,000 euros. These are amphetamines, i.e. synthetically manufactured substances that belong to the group of stimulants and mainly stimulate the central nervous system. These include speed and crystal meth.

During a border control in Weil am Rhein to Switzerland, the federal police noticed a 31-year-old man in his car. The officers found a loaded revolver in the 31-year-old’s jacket. The man had hidden another magazine with several rounds of ammunition in his sock.

According to the message, however, this did not match the firearm. The man also had a small amount of cocaine with him. In his apartment in Hamburg, officials discovered 130 kilograms of amphetamines in refrigerators, as in the TV series “Breaking Bad” – a record find.

There were other drugs in the refrigerators and police found a long gun (rifle) in the suspect’s bedroom. The man was brought before the magistrate and is now in custody.

The Stuttgart customs office is investigating further. There may be other drug finds related to this…

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