Record coral recovery on Great Barrier Reef, Nepal’s tiger population triples, basic income in Brazilian town

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, the Great Barrier Reef sees record coral recovery, Nepal triples its tiger population since 2010 and a Brazilian town uses oil profits to fund universal basic income.

Great Barrier Reef has highest coral cover in 36 years

Fast-growing species of branching and plate-like corals push cover up, but are also the preferred prey for crown-of-thorns starfish.

Source: The Guardian

Australia’s climate change targets will become law. What happens now?

Here’s what we know the new bill means for climate action and what happens once we have legislated targets.

Source: The Guardian

Nepal’s conservation efforts blow past targets as the number of tigers triples

A consistent, multi-stakeholder approach in Nepal has born fruit, as the number of big cats in the wild has tripled since 2010

Source: Mongabay

Brazilian town uses oil profits to fund universal basic income programme

Maricá, located just east of Rio de Janeiro, has implemented an income programme to redistribute oil profits and help families in need.

Source: Yes Magazine

Singapore replaces car parks with vertical farms

In an effort to offset food imports, the city-state of Singapore has begun developing indigenous sources of food, including farms built on the rooftops of car parks.

Source: Good News

Kenyan urban development project turns dumpsites into green living zones

A new initiative in Kenya develops green living areas, equipped with parks and areas for sharecropping. These spaces will replace various dumpsites.

Source: Next City

A Ugandan designer takes disposed of clothing and upcycles it into new designs

Using clothes that western countries have dumped in Uganda, Bobby Kolade is creating new garments and sending them back.

Source: Positive News

A new amphitheater showcases construction using recycled materials

The Al Dana Amphitheater in Bahrain was built taking into account natural characteristics and is located in a disused limestone quarry.

Source: Inhabitat

Learning how to cope with ‘climate doom’ – podcast

Climate ‘doomism’ can be just as disruptive as denial, and in a world where so much is impacting our climate this podcast aims to explore these concepts and how we can develop anxiety into positive outcomes for the planet.

Source: The Guardian

Boston community pools resources to build and run a new jazz restaurant

The Jazz Urbane Café was built and owned by Boston locals as an alternative to an out-of-city chain. Now it provides profits, community and cultural events.

Source: Next City

#24: Free pianos for disadvantaged kids

The positive benefits of playing music are well known. But instruments are expensive and courses even more so. St Louis based non-profit Pianos for People provides free pianos and free lessons to children of low-income families. In our new podcast episode, Matt Brinkmann tells us how the concept works and what impact it has on the children.

Source: Squirrel News

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