Recycling cities, single-shot RSV treatment, free UK forestry courses

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, more cities are being designed to be deconstructed, US regulators consider a new RSV remedy and the UK creates free arboriculture courses.

Some cities are being designed to be recycled

More cities could be deconstructed rather than demolished, paving the way for a more sustainable lifecycle for buildings and construction materials.

Source: BBC

New RSV treatment for kids could be on the horizon

Drug makers announced in January that the long-lasting antibody injection is under review by regulators in the US.

Source: NPR

UK offers free forestry courses to create green jobs, address worker shortage

The forestry minister hopes the program will get more people into forestry while also meeting shorter-term tree planting goals.

Source: The Guardian

Cash transfer model gives money to poor just before a climate disaster hits

In summer 2020, the World Food Program sent some households money before a major flood in Bangladesh. Those who received the money were more likely to successfully evacuate and have better long-term outcomes than those who didn’t.

Source: Vox

Bikes buses become alternative to car-focused school commutes

US schools hope to get kids outside and address poverty by adopting these safe group bike ride initiatives.

Source: Virginia Mercury via Next City

New bike helmet gives Sikhs option to keep their hair coverings on

More inclusive and comfortable, this newly designed helmet provides an alternative to removing a hair covering or being in discomfort.

Source: North Shore News

NASA and Boeing adopt plans for greener airplanes

Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project was created to build and test new aircraft design, aiming for new planes on the tarmac and in the air by 2030.

Source: CNN

Human hair filters Belgian waterways

Clippings collected from hair dresses across the country are turned into mats that filter pollutants before they reach rivers and can be used to clean up oil spills.

Source: Euronews

Parking garage transformed into bee sanctuary in Australia

In Wollongong, the car parking spaces are a sanctuary for bees and native plants, also providing a space for the community to learn and gather.

Source: ABC

Black women trailblaze in white male-dominated broadcast meteorology

Across the country, women and people of color are underrepresented in meteorology, but pioneering Black women hope more will delve into the field.

Source: The Washington Post

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