Redefining homelessness, legal protections for ex-prisoners, free meals for children during holidays

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re talking about rewriting federal laws to better support unhoused populations in Washington State, a legal win for two former cellmates in establishing anti-discrimination laws, and a new initiative ensuring that children from low-income families in London will still receive free school meals during holidays.

A revised definition of homelessness is better supporting unhoused populations

Under Washington State’s new legislation, parents won’t need to move their families into more dangerous living situations before they’re eligible for financial aid.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

New legislation protects formerly incarcerated people from discrimination

In a move spearheaded by two former cellmates, Atlanta’s leaders have committed to legal protections for ex-prisoners restarting their lives on the outside.

Source: Next City

Free scheme aims to feed two million meals children during school holidays

The £3.5m initiative will provide children of all ages from low income families with healthy food during school holidays and weekends.

Source: BBC News

Grassroots campaign creates nature recovery hubs in every English county

A UK-based rewilding charity is buying up degraded land and restoring it to its former glory – to the benefit of local plant and animal populations.

Source: positive news

AI chatbot helps visually impaired people navigate everyday tasks

Using photo-recognition technology, Chat GPT-4’s latest update is able to answer queries for low-vision individuals without the need for human volunteers.

Source: Fast Company

This pedal-powered wheelchair gives partially-mobile people independence

The spinal reflex created by one small push causes the leg without motor function to move automatically, replacing brain signals and slowly building strength.

Source: BBC News

Artists are getting creative to fight back against AI image generation

From lawsuits to tech hacks – such as adding a layer of data over images to act as a decoy for AI – artists are finding new and innovative ways to prevent IP theft.

Source: Euronews

The ‘rail revolution’ coming to Europe

The long-awaited reboot of France’s TGV trains will benefit both domestic and international routes, offering a fast and sustainable alternative to air travel.

Source: CNN

California is trialling a compassionate approach to mental health treatment

The CARE court plan is a new framework designed to get people with severe mental health and substance use disorders the support and care they need.

Source: NPR

The hairdressers trained to talk to their clients about climate change

Paloma Rose Garcia—founder of the A Brush with Climate workshop series—is helping stylists harness the unique opportunity to hold meaningful conversation.

Source: The Guardian

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