Referee Jagbir Singh claims he’s seen the wrestling body chief’s ‘terrible side’

'Insufferable': Referee claims he's seen the 'terrible side' of the wrestling body chief

Wrestler protest: “I thought we handed over the post of federation president to a monster,” he said.

New Delhi:

Wrestling Federation of India President and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh in March last year grabbed a female wrestler “in a place where you shouldn’t touch a woman,” said Jagbir Singh, an international wrestler who served at the event NDTV was present in Lucknow. Delhi Police, who were taking the testimony of more than 200 people following allegations of sexual harassment against Mr Singh, recorded Jagbir Singh’s testimony in Patiala on May 20, 2023.

One of the seven wrestlers on whose complaint First Information Reports (FIRs) were filed at Connaught Place Police Station in Delhi last month has accused Braj Bhushan Singh of molesting her during the photo session following the conclusion of the Asian Championship trial ( Senior) at Lucknow on March 25, 2022.

The athletes had gathered on stage for a customary photo with the federation chief and head coach when the wrestler “suddenly felt a hand on her buttocks,” which she described to FIR as “highly indecent and offensive and without her consent.” The international referee confirmed that he had seen Brij Bhushan Singh doing it, after which he said she flinched and walked away angry as she didn’t want the photo to be taken there.

The wrestler stated in her complaint that she was forcibly held in the shoulder as she attempted to move away after being molested.

“We all huddled together to take the picture, so everyone (the woman who backed away and walked away) noticed,” Jagbir Singh said.

Delhi police only questioned Jagbir Singh about the Lucknow incident, but speaking to NDTV, he leveled serious allegations at Brij Bhushan Singh in relation to another alleged incident from 2013, when he said the union chief’s “terrible side”. had been revealed.

During the dinner program of a competition in Phuket, Thailand, Mr Singh while drunk molested players, he said. “His barbarism was unbearable,” he added.

“Brij Bhushan Singh and his staff were very intoxicated and began inappropriately touching wrestlers, forcibly hugging them and offering them training equipment,” Jagbir Singh said.

Some women even left dinner and walked away, he further claimed.

“At the time we thought we had handed over the post of federation president to a monster,” he said.

As to why he remained silent for so long, he said, “When the protector himself becomes the aggressor, there is no way out.” He said the women and everyone else feared for their careers since Mr. Singh was the top boss and had enormous influence .

Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh is said to have groped female athletes, asked inappropriate personal questions, demanded sexual favors to support their careers, rubbed his hands on a minor’s chest and stalked her, two FIRs say against him. Mr Singh has also been accused of causing problems and denying career opportunities to those who objected to his alleged sexual advances.

The “minor” wrestler was not a minor at the time of the event and has made a new statement in court. In an interview with NDTV, her father said she changed the age-related part of her statement. Your complaint of sexual harassment stands.

Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh has previously denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and even issued a defiant statement refuting all allegations.

“If even a single charge against me is proven, I will hang myself. If you (wrestlers) have evidence, present it to the court and I’m willing to accept any punishment,” he said.

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