Regina Casé turns brunette in the final stretch of ‘Todas as Flores’ – 05/17/2023 – Zapping – Cristina Padiglione

São Paulo

Regina Casé never went blonde, as indicated by Zoé, her character in the soap opera “Todas as Flores”, showing on GloboPlay. Zoé’s locks, intentionally artificial, were the effect of a lace, a capillary hair extension that allowed the actress to flaunt that hair that adorned the character’s dubious aesthetic taste.

But the penultimate block of chapters of João Emanuel Carneiro’s plot, which arrives on streaming this Wednesday (17), reserves a surprise for episode 80, where the villain will appear with dark hair like the interpreter’s own.

The change is part of yet another of the extreme attitudes that Zoé practices in life to achieve her goals. We can say that the physical transformation is part of an extreme situation that will transform the leader of the criminal organization forever.

“For me it was very strange to record like this because it seemed that I had stripped myself of the character. But the fact that the partners who acted with me gave me feedback that I was still ‘Zoé’ even as a brunette, helped me enormously and gave me the strength to believe that that was possible,” said the actress.

And, laughing, he makes suspense about what is to come: “The hardest thing was recording what is coming. You have no idea!”.

The soap opera, in theory, will have its last block of chapters made available by GloboPlay next Wednesday (24), but the streaming service has not yet announced whether there will be any special strategy for the outcome. The possibility of saving one or two final chapters for the 31st, the following Wednesday, is not ruled out.

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