Regina Duarte and PL are sued by daughter of Leila Diniz

Photo: Instagram/Regina Duarte / Modern Popcorn

Janaina Diniz Guerra, daughter of actress Leila Diniz, filed a lawsuit against Regina Duarte and the Liberal Party (PL), alleging misuse of her mother’s image and “violation of her honor”. The image in question is a photograph from 1968 that shows actresses Eva Todor, Tônia Carrero, Eva Wilma, Leila Diniz, Odete Lara and Norma Bengell in a protest against the censorship imposed by the military dictatorship. The photo was used out of its original context on two different occasions.

In December 2022, Regina Duarte published on her Instagram a video of apology for the military dictatorship, reproducing a speech by Jair Bolsonaro in defense of the military coup. In the section where the video states that “64 was a requirement of society” and that “women on the streets asked for order to be restored”, a photo of the six actresses is used to illustrate the lines. In February 2023, the image was used by the Liberal Party, in an art that commemorates the achievement of the female vote in Brazil. In the image, Michelle Bolsonaro appears in the foreground, with the iconic photograph in the background.

inversion of reality

Janaina Diniz Guerra expressed herself in a note sent to Splash by her team of lawyers: “My mother’s memory is one of total rupture with all the conservatism defended by the PL and by Michelle Bolsonaro, which, in her time, was imposed by the military dictatorship, the regime to which she was opposed”. And she added: “The unauthorized political use of the image of my mother supporting Michelle Bolsonaro’s pre-campaign is an offense to everything my mother represented and represents.”

About Regina Duarte, Janaina also said: “As for Regina Duarte, I respect her political positions, although I completely disagree, but it is unacceptable that she completely reverses reality using the image of her colleagues as if they had gone to the streets to ask for military intervention, when the protest was precisely against the censorship imposed by the dictatorship. It is a lie published on their networks as a form of incitement to the dark acts of January 8 “.

Janaina Diniz Guerra asks for R$ 52,800 in compensation in each of the actions, an amount that is the limit of the civil court.

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