Removed, Corinthians draws favorite Fortaleza – 08/05/2023

Not that Corinthians and Fortaleza had a bad game in the first half in Itaquera, because both teams even handled the ball well, but the emotion that is good produced only one, already in the 49th minute, when Fagner hit the post, in the last move.

Alvinegro with six players raised at home, Fagner (33 years old) and the boys Murillo (20), Roni (24), Mateus Araújo (20), Adson (22) and Pedro (17), was more dangerous, faster , although he lost in physical clashes against made, stronger players.

Pici’s Tricolor had more time on the ball, they know more what they want, but they lost the great Moisés, injured, and replaced by Romarinho, and they didn’t take any danger.

The 0-0 was reasonable for São Paulo, acceptable for Ceará and terrible for Rio de Janeiro, because it put them in the ZR.

Vanderlei Luxemburgo’s courage in climbing the kids is undeniable, without a doubt, the chance that Corinthians has to make a dignified campaign in the Brasileirão, no matter how many risks it may take as a result of inexperience.

For the second half, Juan Vojvoda was forced to replace Galhardo, also injured, with Silvio Romero.

At Corinthians, another base boy, Biro (19) replaced Pedro. Of 12 climbed, seven coming from the base.

Second half that started more open, here and there, with the two teams more objective and Roger Guedes missing a good opportunity in a play by Biro.

Giuliano, Maycon, Paulinho, Romero and Yuri Alberto remained on the bench.

Zanocelo and Pikachu replaced Sacha and Hercules at 18.

Matheus Bidu and Yuri Alberto were the answers, replacing Fábio Santos and Mateus Araújo.

At 21, it was Calebe’s turn to hit the crossbar and Luxemburgo called the Paraguayan Romero to replace Adson, to the despair of anyone with a modicum of common sense.

At 25 minutes, Romero, the true one, the Argentine, made it 1-0, but offside and the 0-0 returned to the scoreboard, to the displeasure of the tricolor, the second 0-0 in 40 games for the Brasileirão (the first was between Santos and Atlético Miner).

Pochettino, in Caleb’s place, was the last replacement for Vojvoda, who wanted to win.

And he did it: Caio Alexandre, at 33, culminated in a beautiful exchange of passes to kick from outside the area and clear the scoreboard, receiving a pass from Romero, the real one.

And Paulinho, in place of Fausto Vera, was the last change in Luxemburgo when Corinthians was totally lost on the pitch and Fortaleza dominated the midfield, in front of more than 36 thousand fans.

Fortaleza kept Corinthians in the relegation zone, freed Flamengo from occupying it and showed the reborn alvinegro that his championship is with Cuiabá, Goiás, Coritiba, America, for that matter.

But Yuri Alberto won a gift from goalkeeper Fernando Miguel and defender Bruno Pacheco to tie, at 43, and end his goal drought: 1 to 1.

Fortaleza continues without beating Corinthians in São Paulo and the result ended fair in a naked atmosphere.

Parque São Jorge will sleep more peacefully and Gávea not so much. Who would say?

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