Renascer will pay BRL 2 million to avoid real estate auctions – 07/21/2023 – Rogério Gentile

The Renascer em Cristo church, founded in the 1980s by the apostle Estevam Hernandes, decided to pay BRL 2 million to a creditor in order to avoid the judicial auction of four properties.

Estevam Hernandes is the creator of Marcha para Jesus, an ecumenical Christian event that has been taking place in São Paulo for 31 years, attracting crowds.

The properties, valued at R$ 26.5 million, would be auctioned in September by decision of Judge Emmanuel Brandão Filho in a lawsuit filed by the company Pole Comércio de Veículos.

Other creditors of the church, according to the column, intended to apply to the Court that the amounts obtained in the auction be used to settle their credits as well. With the agreement signed with Pole, the church tries to avoid this possibility.

The agreement, which provides for the payment of the debt with Pole in 17 installments, still needs to be approved by the Justice. The debt is estimated at R$ 1.7 million, but as an installment plan was proposed, the total to be paid will be around R$ 2 million.

One of the properties to be auctioned is the building on Avenida Lins de Vasconcelos, in Cambuci, whose roof collapsed in January 2009, killing nine people and leaving around 100 injured. In ruins, the building has 2,673 square meters.

Renascer had defended itself in the process, arguing that it had not breached any contractual clause, and that it was not in default. He also said that the properties are worth much more than the alleged value of the debt.

“Only a single pledged property is capable of guaranteeing the desired credit at least 14 times”, stated Renascer’s defense in the process.

The church had already been convicted and no longer had the right to appeal on the merits.

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