Report: Apple develops competition for ChatGPT


Report: Apple develops competition for ChatGPT

The Apple group is working on an AI chatbot.

The Apple group is working on an AI chatbot.

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Apple pioneered Siri more than a decade ago. Now they want to compete with AI chatbots.

Cupertino. According to a media report, Apple is working on a competing system for ChatGPT and other AI chatbots. The software is being tested internally by some employees, wrote the financial service Bloomberg. There are still no decisions on how the technology could be made available to consumers, it said, citing informed people.

ChatGPT has been causing a stir since the end of last year because the chatbot can communicate at human language level. The software from the start-up OpenAI was trained with a huge amount of data. She formulates a sentence by estimating word for word how it could go on. A disadvantage of the principle is that the program has no understanding of the content: That is why it can also output information that is completely wrong with conviction.

Siri was a pioneer

CEO Tim Cook recently emphasized in May that Apple sees great potential in software with artificial intelligence, but wants to use it with care. The iPhone group uses functions with machine learning and artificial intelligence, for example to improve photos, auto-correct when writing or to recognize car accidents and falls. Apple also pioneered voice assistants with the Siri software more than a decade ago. However, it is less articulate than ChatGPT, for example.

According to Bloomberg, the Apple chatbot – similar to ChatGPT – can, among other things, summarize texts and answer questions based on available information. Some developers would have given the software the nickname “Apple GPT”. Apple shares initially jumped about 2 percent, according to the Bloomberg report. The plus later dropped to around 0.5 percent.

Other tech heavyweights such as Google and the Facebook group Meta also developed their own technologies for AI chatbots. Microsoft entered into a multi-billion dollar pact with ChatGPT developer company OpenAI.

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