Report Election Irregularities with VotifyNow: Empowering Transparency and Accountability | Wayne Dupree

VotifyNow is an application designed to enable users to report election irregularities, effectively sharing these reports with a wide range of individuals and organizations, including county officials, journalists, and candidates.

Launched in 2019 as a response to widespread complaints regarding election fraud during the 2016 presidential and 2018 midterm elections, VotifyNow aims to address concerns expressed by various political factions. Johnny Vieira, the founder of VotifyNow, discussed these insights in an interview with Just the News, emphasizing the significance of submitting reports.


“Our primary mission is to foster transparency,” Vieira explained emphatically. He emphasized that “given the recent election controversies, this initiative will contribute to building trust. Transparency is vital in instilling confidence in the system.” With the launch of VotifyNow, our aim is to promote transparency and trust, ensuring a robust and accountable electoral process.

Although he has been an entrepreneur since his teenage years, Vieira stated that he has had no previous involvement in politics. He established Vieira Business Ventures, the entity responsible for managing his projects. According to Vieira, he personally financed VotifyNow and did not accept any donations.

As per Vieira, the app users have the option to report incidents along with photo or video evidence, which are automatically tagged with geographical and time information. These reports are diligently verified for authenticity. Once an incident is reported multiple times, the corresponding area on the map is marked with a color-coded dot, ranging from white to red to indicate the severity of the situation.

According to the spokesperson, users are required to sign up based on their county of residence, with the flexibility to access incident reports outside their own county.

The app can be utilized to provide voters with valuable information about vote centers experiencing issues, assisting them in making informed decisions about where to cast their votes. In some states, there are multiple vote centers available within a county, while in others, voters are assigned to specific precincts for voting.

Vieira further explains that reported incidents are organized in a PDF-style format, allowing for easy sharing with county officials. This information aids officials in identifying voting locations with issues and determining whether further investigation is necessary. Reports are typically accessible within approximately 15 minutes of initial submission. Journalists and candidates also have the option to receive reports promptly, allowing them to stay informed about alleged irregularities rather than receiving the information later in the day or after Election Day.

Users have the ability to report issues prior to Election Day. Following the 2020 presidential election, concerns emerged surrounding ballot harvesting at ballot drop boxes, voting machine malfunctions, and ballot chain of custody issues. These matters have become subjects of controversy in discussions and policy-making related to election integrity.

Vieira expressed his aim to aid individuals in making informed decisions based on thoroughly vetted real-time information. While the app is not a definitive solution to election issues, it does contribute to addressing them.


Vieira states that the app utilizes an automatic system to eradicate bots, detect and address false reports made by malicious individuals. Users are limited to a specific number of reports over time, and any potential bad actors who slip through won’t appear on the map of reported incidents.

Additionally, the app features sections where users can access information about upcoming city council and school board meetings. It also offers reporting on border concerns and a canvassing tool.


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