Research shows that not even Saudi jewelry has reduced support for Bolsonaro – 03/23/2023

The first results of the opinion poll ordered by the PL to the Paraná Institute to measure the popularity of Jair Bolsonaro animated the party leadership.

So far, the loss of supporters for the former president, according to the survey, has not exceeded 2 percentage points, even after the case of Saudi jewels. Before the survey went into the field, the most pessimistic expectations of members of the acronym were that the latest events involving the former captain, including the January 8 attacks, could cause a reduction of up to 10 percentage points in his popularity. In September last year, Datafolha found that 30% of Brazilians approved of the Bolsonaro government.

“Bolsonaro’s floor is stony and unshakable”, says an ally who had access to preliminary research data.

The date of Jair Bolsonaro’s return to Brazil continues to divide opinions around him. His wife, Michelle Bolsonaro, prefers that he stay longer there to “protect himself from hostilities” he would face in Brazil.

Other advisors say that the former president should return now to take advantage of what they consider to be “the first bad moments” experienced by the Lula government.

For one of these advisers, the immediate return of the former president would help to “stop” what he considers to be a “hasty” movement to promote the name of the former first lady.

On the last day 21, Michelle Bolsonaro was sworn in as national president of PL Mulher. During the event, Bolsonaro made a video appearance and wept. The advisor considered the exposure of the image of the president in tears, next to the former first lady at a festive moment, to be a mistake. “She appeared strong and he was fragile. That’s bad.”

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