Reward platform encourages healthy habits in the company

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To encourage healthy habits, some companies offer prizes and rewards to their customers and employees, with the aim of providing well-being and a better quality of life for each one.

Rewards can be granted with amounts in cash, airline tickets, products, services, various prizes and even donations to social causes.

This reality has been gaining strength over the years, but it had a good highlight during the Covid19 pandemic, with the population more concerned about physical and mental health and since then it has been seeking a better quality of life.

The Global Consumer Sentiment survey, published by WW in partnership with Kantar, revealed that 91% of Brazilians already intended to improve their lifestyle with healthy habits in 2022.

Research and analyzes point to the advantages of encouraging healthy habits and some companies have already adopted a new modality to continue rewarding customers and employees who are up to date with their routines of healthy habits.

Health is the best reward

We can say that there are two profiles of people included in this context: those who already have a healthy habit and those who want to change their lifestyle.

Therefore, for those who already eat well and regularly practice some physical activity, some programs or plans are already considered rewards in themselves, while for those who need a “little push”, companies reinforce rewards to encourage healthy habits.

Through applications and platforms that offer technological and innovative solutions, it is possible to manage the available rewards, with each target score achieved by members registered in the programs, where they are still free to choose their prizes and rewards.

Apps, plans and programs to encourage healthy habits

Companies associated with the service offer this benefit so that their clients and employees can cultivate an exercise routine and get out of their sedentary lifestyle. It is a way of providing well-being and quality of life. It’s a plan that allows you more freedom of choice, with access to thousands of gyms and studios.

Through this corporate benefit, companies associated with the service can offer plans with access to some gyms and online training so that their clients and employees can exercise regularly and have a better quality of life.

It’s a free app available for Android and iPhone (iOS) that offers rewards to encourage healthy habits. The user makes a bet with people all over the world to find out who loses more weight, and who wins, takes the prize, which can vary according to the number of participants and the value of the bet.

Aimed at altruistic individuals who wish to engage in social and humanitarian causes. Instead of directly rewarding users for physical exercise, the app generates funds that are donated to charitable organizations. The program partners with more than 30 charities, including NGOs that serve people affected by diseases such as cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s and other conditions.

Enables users to control both food intake and caloric expenditure. The application requests information such as the user’s goal (lose, maintain or gain weight), physical activity level, weight and height. This information is used to calculate the basal metabolic rate and determine how food should be adjusted. For those who want more detailed control, the platform even allows you to enter the exercises performed throughout the day.

It is considered one of the best in the weight loss category, as it aims to remind you to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Helps in calculating the daily volume of water consumption. All a person needs to do is enter their weight and the app will show how much water their body needs.

It is considered one of the main examples of success in fitness gamification in Brazil. After two modifications to the product, the platform was successful in adopting the immediate rewards model. With each goal achieved, which must be recorded through photos, the user unlocks the next task and receives virtual coins as a reward. Virtual coins received by completing tasks can be used by players to participate in championships. In these competitions, users compete with other app subscribers for real prizes, such as a Smart TV, a JBL speaker or even an iPhone.

  • • Decathlon Coach Fitness

It is the application offered by the Decathlon store to help with health care and the pursuit of physical fitness. It offers personalized and free training programs for activities such as running, walking, pilates, yoga, bodybuilding, among others. The app offers a wide variety of training programs, tailored to each user’s individual needs. In addition, it is possible to monitor performance over time and receive guidance from specialists in each sport.

Based on these program applications or plans available for anyone to download, companies can create their own programs through a personalized and manageable platform to encourage healthy habits in their customers and employees.

It is worth remembering that encouraging healthy habits can encompass various activities and attitudes.

Also consider some ideas such as various physical exercises (walking, swimming, hits, bodybuilding, yoga, crossfit etc), healthy eating (with or without nutritionist monitoring), sleep control, group outdoor walks and much more.

If you want to implement this ecosystem of rewards to encourage healthy habits in your company, conduct surveys with your employees to better understand their routines and thus be able to implement personalized programs or plans.

Premmiar has a platform with cutting-edge technology so that your company can insert a personalized rewards program and encourage healthy habits in its employees, who are willing to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Advantages of rewarding employees to encourage healthy habits

  • 1) Drop in absenteeism
  • 2) Greater talent retention
  • 3) Better productivity
  • 4) Improvement in the corporate climate

To encourage healthy habits in your employees, offer rewards through prizes and benefits.

It is already proven that a team of healthy employees produces better and presents better results due to the motivation generated by healthy habits.

20% of employees can increase their productivity by following a healthy diet, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

For WHO, at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity per week are required for adults, including those with chronic diseases or disability.

A company that cares about the physical and mental health of its employees, providing well-being and quality of life, gains more visibility, adds value to its employer branding strategies and improves talent retention.

This article was first written for Premmiar’s blog, a digital platform for awards and rewards, a Homework partner company.

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