RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice unrecognizable in new pic

Fans recently criticized Real housewives from New Jersey Star Teresa Giudice for being unrecognizable in a new photo.

The Bravo star shared a picture on Instagram from an event over the weekend. But instead of commenting on the event itself, fans focused on Teresa’s face. And the fact that layered filters made them nearly unrecognizable. Read on to find out what all the fuss was about.

All eyes are on Teresa RHONJ season 14

Season 13 of Real housewives from New Jersey was full of drama. The years-long feud between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga came to a head. During Season 13’s three-part reunion episode, the simmer became the boil. And it ended up with the sisters-in-law deciding never to speak to each other again.

Fans expected Bravo to have to cancel either Teresa or Melissa to make season 14 possible. But when the contracts for the coming season expired, everyone was invited back. That means Teresa and Melissa have to figure out how to share the small screen and film, even though their relationship has completely deteriorated. All eyes were on Teresa and Melissa during Season 13.

RHONJ - Bravo, YouTube
RHONJ – Bravo, YouTube

Now that the seasons are over, people are watching closely for signs that drama is about to flare up between the in-laws again. This perceptive scrutiny could be why fans immediately noticed something unusual when they saw a new picture of Teresa.

RHONJTeresa Giudice is unrecognizable in a new photo from the weekend

Teresa Giudice shared a picture of herself and her co-star Jennifer Aydin at Luekens Wine & Spirits in Tampa, Fla. At the weekend, the two were there to promote the tequila brand Dano’s Tequila. Teresa captioned the pic: “We had so much fun meeting everyone at my @danostequila bottle signing. I’m grateful to have @jenniferaydin by my side.”

But it wasn’t the tequila that got fans excited. It was Teresa Giudice’s face. Teresa was barely recognizable in the picture. The image appears to be overlaid with filters, which prompted fans to target her in the comments. One wrote, “How much WRONG can a picture take, ugh.” Another said they cried over the “Photoshop bug.”

One fan added: “Filter, filter, filter and filter. Let’s get back to reality folks.” And another opined that the filters made the couple “look like cartoon characters.” One reviewer pointed out that Teresa didn’t need “all the work” on her face. They added, “You’re starting to look a lot like Janice the Muppet.”

Jennifer Aydin - Teresa Giudice - RHONJ - Instagram
Jennifer Aydin – Teresa Giudice – RHONJ – Instagram

But the couple didn’t let the comments get them down. Jennifer Aydin replied in the comments: “That’s what friends are for!! #so much fun.”

Do you think Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin used too many filters in the picture? Or do you think people should be able to use as many filters as they want on social media? Mute the comments. And watch season 13 of Real housewives from New Jersey on Bravo and Peacock.

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