Rich, Fla keeps distance from poor fans: poor fan partner program – 04/04/2023

Flamengo ended 2022 with 89,859 fan members. This is what the club’s most recent annual financial statement report reveals, which earned close to R$ 1.2 billion last year.

An absolutely ridiculous number for someone who has millions of lovers spread across Brazil. And so it has been since 2013, when the project was launched, that is, approximately a decade ago!

This result shows how bad and inadequate the so-called “Red-Black Nation” program is, aimed almost exclusively at those who live in Rio de Janeiro and attend Maracan√£.

It so happens that the vast majority of Flamengo supporters live in other cities and, mainly, in different states. Many kilometers from the clubhouse.

There are no attractive options for those who are far away. Much less something compatible with the pocket of the less financially favored red-black. No, the poor really don’t have a chance! The feeling of belonging with the affectionate seal of the club costs him dearly.

This keeps the number of supporters at pathetic levels. It was like that during the Eduardo Bandeira de Mello administration, the same thing continues with Rodolfo Landim in the presidency. Pifio!

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