Riedenberg starts at ball heroes

The popular Ballhelden campaign is entering the next round. The Riedenberg primary school, together with SV Riedenberg, is also taking part in the Bavaria-wide campaign, which the Bavarian Football Association (BFV) and the Bavarian Teachers’ Association (BLLV) launched six years ago.

Numerous other schools from all over Bavaria are on the registration list. Last year, 36 schools throughout Bavaria took part. The students collected more than 76,000 euros for charitable projects in Germany and abroad.

The donations received are given, among other things, to charitable projects that are determined by the participating schools. Further donations go to the non-profit social foundation of the Bavarian Football Association ( BFV ) and the non-profit children’s aid of the Bavarian Teachers’ Association (BLLV).

The aim of the BallHelden campaign is to combine enjoying football with social commitment, according to a BLLV press release. Children can become ball heroes and help other children in need with their enthusiasm for football. How it works? Girls and boys who take part in the campaign collect points, for which they look for adults from their area who give a small donation. The money flows into worldwide education projects – to make it easier for children from poorer countries to start in life.

Skill and Quizzes

The Ballhelden action includes games of skill, quizzes, dancing, singing, handicrafts, team games – everything to do with football that is fun. Clubs and local schools cooperate at the extracurricular event. The event at the Riedenberg primary school will take place on Wednesday, May 3rd, from 8.30 a.m. at the Riedenberg primary school. red


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